PDP making false claims to keep its flock together: Congress


Bandipora, Jan 09: Bandipora Congress Committee on Wednesday refuted claims of PDP in which they claimed that congress workers Joined PDP.

        The officials spokesperson for district Bandipora termed the claims as false, baseless and concocted. ”In a last ditch efforts to save its sinking ship, PDP has resorted to garland tactics in Bandipora Constituency in an attempt to befool the masses,” he said.

        “PDP is garlanding its own people to show that people are still accepting the party," he said adding  that it only shows the frustration of the party due to growing popularity to Congress in the Constituency.

        He said that PDP has been making such false claims only to keep its flock together, because Hundreds of PDP workers in recent Past have deserted the party and joined Congress. He said nobody is even basic member of Congress Party who joined PDP on Wednesday.

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