I Think of Kashmir Often- A Poem by Vinod Singh Negi


Whenever I think of Kashmir,

and I think often I think of the lofty mountains

and the milky streams,

Of the sprawling landscapes and meadows,

Of the blooming yellow flowers and the tulip garden

Of the beautiful, long nosed, fair, rose cheeked people

Of beauty ! beauty ! and sheer beauty !


Whenever I remember Kashmir, and I remember often

I remember the beautiful memories of Srinagar,

Of Dal, Shalimar, Nishat and Chashme – Shahi

Of Shankaracharya, Gulmarg, Sonamarg and Pahalgam

Of Kheer Bhawani, Amarnath and Kaman Setu

Of good times and good times !


Whenever I fondly miss Kashmir and I miss often

I miss my ‘Karam Bhoomi’ of Bandipora

Of Alim, Adab and Aab Of Wular Lake and Baba Shakur-ud-din

Of Erin, Aragam and Panar

Of Apple Orchards and Rainbow Trout

 And above all, the people ; ever humble and warm


Whenever I poignantly think of Kashmir, and I think often

I feel sad at the state of affairs today

Of the separatism and radicalization

Of the stone pelting and pellet wounds

Of the young dying and getting injured each day

Of the ‘living hell’ that the place is turning each day


Whenever I am enraged about Kashmir, and I get enraged often

I get enraged at the ‘unfriendly neighbor’ and ‘separatists’;

who continue to fuel terror and divide people

Of diabolical intentions to ‘land grab’ and misguide OUR people

Of objectives to finish off Kashmiriyat, Jamhooriyat and Insaniyat

Of cunning unquenched thirst for bloodshed !

And more bloodshed !


When I optimistically think of Kashmir, and I think and pray often

I think that time will come when we will be able to make

the separatists and the misguided youths ‘see reason’

To envision that ‘India is Kashmir and Kashmir is India’

To appreciate that we have the same roots, culture, shared history

and are part of the same great civilization


To see how compelling it is to RESET and REBUILD

the ‘heaven on earth’, earliest

To see how prosperous is the secular, socialist, democratic republic

To see as to how ‘Unity in Diversity’ is the core strength of India

And Kashmir is its Shining example


I have hope and faith in my Kashmiris brethren

And in the undying love for them of the Indian people

And thus I remember and pray for Kashmir,

And I do it often



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