End of an Era

One among the architects of Adbi Markaz Kamraz J&K and a staunch champion of linguistic movement Muhammad Ahsan Ahsan breathed his last on Wednesday. He was 86 and was the longest-serving member of AMK's General Council. Raised under the influence of renowned scholar Prof Mohi-ud-Din Hajni, Ahsan came into prominence when he became editor in Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art Culture and Languages. He was a finest and inspiring teacher who not only contributed to education but added many poetic pearls to the Kashmiri literature during his career. He was a good poet, scholar and literary activist who over the decades mentored the careers of numerous poets writers and activists. He emerged as secretary finance of state’s largest literary organization, and held the position with a firm grip until the end of his literary life. Muhammad Ahsan played a pivotal part in the popularising the linguistic movement initiated by AMK for the protection and upliftment of Kashmiri Language and Culture. Inclusion of Kashmiri language in schools and colleges is the collective efforts of the linguistic activists of which the Ahsan was a prime voice. Muhammad Ahsan, as a senior council member utilized his expertise to develop the organizational setup and used to take great pride in leading his fellow activists. He used to respect them, help them build up their reputations, forgive them their faults and shortcomings, and stand behind them through thick and thin. Ahsan worked with AMK from the beginning and vociferously advocated the protection of Kashmiri language and culture. He was the strength of AMK and his unflinching commitment to the cause of Kashmiri language is something that will not only be missed but will also be cherished.

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