Monday , 23 October 2017
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Sunday Spark

Dear Father

Don’t worry my father, I am there.. In storms and sunshine, I will alwaz hold your hand… Your care and love is still so young Even when your eyes are growing old and the face wrinkled.. Ohh my father, I am there.. Be it dark days or bright, my respect for you vl never change.. You walked on thorns to ... Read More »

Women the goddess of sacrifice

Kill her desirs to satisfy man Does everthing to make him  happy A puppet in the hands of man Man overules her Breaths according to his wish Never listens her heart beats Makes her heart stone Patiently tolerates every storm Stands bravely with man in his misery ALas!!! In return She gets nothing. Only disgrace, sorrow, disappointment, harsh words. Plenty ... Read More »

Myth: Justifying Darwin!

  (A kid imagines the creation of man from monkey.) Once upon a time there was a man who was living with animals and one day he went to Allah and requested “Can you please build a fabulous world where i can live with animals?”, Allah granted his wish and after few days the world was created. Every single animal ... Read More »

If i were a teacher

Teacher is the one who inspires us and gives us all the confidence we need. Teacher is the builder of a nation. Teacher is the co worker of God and has a very important role in the development of a child. He/she helps us to achieve our goal in life . He helps us to set our goals.A teacher is ... Read More »