Monday , 23 October 2017
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Sunday Spark

A RUN (Poem by Tabinda Mir)

Infant body, weak soul.. Couldnot mix up to achieve my goal.. Slowly slowly with supporting walls.. I walked once and then twice.. Heard about thunderstorms and floods.. My soul felt weak but curious too.. There was a window bright in my room.. Sparkling my eyes,attracting my soul.. I took courage in my heart.. And had a little glance of outside.. ... Read More »

RAIN (apoem by Nazia Hassan)

_   I’m  weak ,I’m Jane ! O’ rain ,jo ,you came again , wherefore You wet  me in this pain ! Pray  you , get away  from the plane , Until i could do something gain ! Till let me cry out my pain , I m weak ,I’m jane ! For friends u bring falicity-And for foes u ... Read More »


Dr Shah Faesal My Uncle has not been to a university but his scholarship is undisputed. Beauty of the education system of our state in olden times has been that a Matric pass used to be articulate, socially intelligent, rooted in tradition, have a good handwriting, knew Arabic and Persian besides a smattering of English, get married and settle down ... Read More »

I did not recognise my life at first sight:

APoem by By khursheed Bhat An unknown entered in my garden and made everything charming Birds started singing and chirping Upon his arrival and flowers made very pleasing smile, I astonished why abruptly everything of the garden turned beautiful, In a trembling voice,I asked a delicate blossom why did your colour change but got no reply back, I went near to ... Read More »

A story of an Eagle and  Dove

A little dove crawling  happily  from door to door, side to side. Flying madly as free prisoner Goes in depths of pleasure .       Infinitely merry swimming in summer cold  waves. Danger never touched its path.It lived life smoothly. It used to make sunny circles. it took off flights of green spring. On One flight a bitter eagle cut its way. ... Read More »

with God by my side

All Alone I came, came to know the unknown. . Slowly slowly started paving the path of unknown destination. .. Unknown of its fate, swallowed that sweet poison.. All alone I suffered without having the knowledge of defence. .. Walked dreadful ways, reached nowhere.. Got obstacles made of unknown material. . Shattered on floor was alone left traumatised. . Suddenly ... Read More »


I am your head Of all your parts ahead My rivers give your nights a light Then why aren’t my nights bright My beauty adds the prestige of yours Then why can’t you retain my joy from years I want to glow in the nature of green Then why the marks of blood are still seen You developed Mumbai and ... Read More »

Everlasting Memories

  Hidden in the shells of my brain Memories of droughts Memories of cold nights Tears shed in the shadow of darkness The moments of twilight The moments of stress Moments of shaken existence Moments of trembling patience Desire to live life Hours spent in loneliness of shade Time spent in fierce winter Deprived season of fency fantasy Lost pleasure ... Read More »

“Shouting Soul”

  What To Say Now ! The Battle Is Lost ! Dreams Are Broken! Hopes Are Scattered ! Screaming Cries Agonising ! Cold Eyes Cold heart ! killing The Time ! Dreaming Again ! Mind Says No Heart Says Yes ! The Battle Is Lost The Battle Is Lost   Sadat Hassan Bhat Mir Abad Batamaloo Srinagar M.Com Student Read More »


  I know a bluebird of heavens It has the colour of sevens Its not blue at all Its bright, slim and tall It came and said to my heart Have You rid a rainbow cart? Have You gone yonder the sky? Or You have killed the urge to fly Oh You poor fellow Lit the eyes and try to ... Read More »