Monday , 20 November 2017
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Sunday Spark


Once, I saw a dream; It was the most fascinating dream; I have ever seen! I saw something; That I everyday thirst to see. I saw something; That I haven’t seen in reality! It was a dream; That I see, whenever I close my eyes. It was so charming; That I don’t have words to describe it! It was a ... Read More »


(By Muhammad Ulfat Anjan) The traveller entered the vale, With a smiling face, To meet some joyful tale, In the blissful place. What there met his eye, Left him broken and sad; The sorrowful, sullen sky, Drove him restless and mad. A storm had struck the vale, Everything had been ruined; There was a different tale, That all the colours ... Read More »

“Beyond her imagination”

Let’s see the world with eyes of a child, Everything she sees is beyond its imagination She sees the sky thinks it is nearer to me, I will conquer a mountain and will touch it by my hand she sees moon at night and thinks it is following all my way She sees stars at night and tells Mom to ... Read More »

And That Passed  Away

I sit uselessly, think uselessly I eat, sleep  and end my day, I wake up  ,cling to my phone, I keep playing till it’s  afternoon, i miss morning in this way, One of my day passed away  ! I prick ,poke my joes each day, without this cnt start my day , Another day passed  away ! I often hold ... Read More »