Sunday , 28 May 2017
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Tipu Sultan’s Legacies can’t be belittled The controversy surrounding Tipu Sultan, the 18th century ruler of Mysore, has emerged in Karnataka. This happened over the state government’s decision to celebrate the ruler’s birth anniversary. The issue flared up when playwright Girish Karnad commented that Tipu would have enjoyed the status of Shivaji had he been a Hindu. He also remarked that Bengaluru’s international airport should ... Read More »

Sex offender lists: a step forward?

Harsimran Kalra (The Hindu Centre)  Post December 2012, the exclusive focus on legal reform in relation to sexual offences has led to some controversial options being considered such as the publication of a sexual offenders list. Harsimran Kalra argues that making public all details of accused in crimes against women has serious implications and could trigger anarchic tendencies in society, ... Read More »

Screening Test: The Repercussions thereof.

Taha Mubashir J&K government decision to conduct the screening test of ReT’s has created distractions among this teaching community and the society right from the day of its announcement. Citing the reason of a high court judgement in this regard, government has certainly augmented a psychological pressure which in result will have long term implications as this fraternity is feeling ... Read More »


Junaid Malik Parliamentary governments are actually the mouth piece of common masses who bring their relevance and legacy from the people itself but the irony of the developing nations is that they have borrowed these institutions and have always acted in a very perverted manner marring the very concept of democratic set up. India too with in its borrowed bag ... Read More »

Tribute to Dr Gulam Qadir Wani

Dr Ghulam Qadir Wani was a philosopher politician who was gunned down by ‘Unidentified’ gunmen at his residence in Arin Bandipora. He was born from poor parents and had his early education from local government school. During his Leary age Molivi Peer Usman Fazili was his mentor. He had his intermediate education from Nadim Memorial Higher secondary school Kaloosa and ... Read More »

Remembering Dr Gulam Qadir Wani

He was a leader, diplomat and a master strategist Advocate Babar Jan Qadiri It was November 4th 18 years ago, Kashmir lost Dr Gulam Qadir Wani, a great leader, strategist and Diplomat. He fell to the bullets of malicious hands. Dr Gulam Qadir Wani was a person who is among very few people who fought for the nation on political, ... Read More »


(MUHAMMAD ULFAT ANJAN) Earthquakes are the deadliest natural disasters that have been working havoc with life on eath since times immemorial devouring precious lives and property of uncountable worth and man has been helplessly striving to find means to deal with this lethal disaster . It can be put forth without a shadow of doubt that there have been no ... Read More »

Learning Disabilities

Bilal A Lone About 20 percent of children with learning disabilities also have attentiondeficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Children with learning disabilities may become frustrated, lose interest in school and avoid challenges. They may have low self-esteem and emotional problems, such as withdrawal, anxiety, depression or aggression. It is also common for children with learning disabilities to have social problems. Children with ... Read More »

Autism: A short Review

Bilal A Lone Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex neurodevelopmentalillness of infants and young children thatleads to behavioral, communication and social skillsabnormalities. It generally appears during the first 3years of life and alters the normal physiologicalcondition of an individual.There is an alarmingincrease of ASD in India and it is estimated that morethan 60 lakh (six million) children / people ... Read More »


REYAZ AHMAD MIR Islam claims to be an eternal religion and could never propagate to uphold any principle which fails to stand up to the challenges of the time. Any afford to associate violence with Islam would generate an amount of doubt upon the eternity of the religion of Islam because of  the fact that violence is not sustainable in the contemporary world. This ... Read More »