Monday , 19 February 2018
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In search of lost spaces

Reading ‘Breaking Mazes: An Anthology of Kehwa Talks on Kashmir’, one empathizes with the people of Kashmir, who besides being at the receiving end of an endless cycle of violence are also losing their social and intellectual spaces.   Breaking Mazes: An Anthology of Kehwa Talks on Kashmir Edited By: Peer Ghulam Nabi Suhail Review By: Faisul Yaseen Breaking Mazes: ... Read More »

The truth about Truth

Sama Sabet “Light is good in whatsoever lamp it is burning!  A rose is beautiful in whatsoever garden it may bloom!  A star has the same radiance if it shines from the East or from the West.  Be free from prejudice, so will you love the Sun of Truth from whatsoever point in the horizon it may arise!” We are ... Read More »

Behind the cycles & burqas of Aligarh Muslim University

Nayeem Showkat Khan, “Write a note on Aligarh Muslim University.’ My teacher at the Noor-ul-Islam High School in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district enunciated one day as she entered our class, 10th Blue. I tried my level best, but couldn’t make it more than 50-odd words. I always remember one of the beautiful sayings of AMU founder Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, ... Read More »

Kashmir Flag, My Pride!

Nayeem Showkat Khan I am not a law graduate. However, I know that a law is perfect common sense. This is no rocket science. Through a resolution on June 7, 1952, our Constituent Assembly adopted the J&K Flag. The flag has been adopted as a state symbol for the constitutional use. Otherwise, what was the need for adopting a flag? Now, I being ... Read More »

A Benazir Bhutto in Mehbooba Mufti

  Nayeem Showkat Khan On the other side of the border, General Zia-ul-Haq hanged Quaid-i-Awam, Zulifakar Ali Bhutto on 4th April, 1979. This news spread like wild fire across the globe. The assassination of Liaquat Ali Khan, the first Prime Minister of Pakistan had opened the door to the succession of military leaders that followed. This was again one of ... Read More »

Kashmir’s fake news and fake journalists

The rumour about anti-polio drops killing Kashmiri children is the latest example of fake journalists misusing social media to spread lies. MOAZUM MOHAMMAD After the panic and scare triggered by a rumour that children were dying after being given the polio vaccine, Jammu & Kashmir Police appealed to the public on Thursday (21 Jan) not to be misled by rumour ... Read More »

While India Celebrates, Kashmir Mourns

 Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai N.N. Vohra, Governor of Jammu and Kashmir and apparent ventriloquist dummy for some folks a little further south, according to Kashmir Today, “observed that it is the duty of all citizens to protect and preserve the unity and integrity of the nation, adding that towards the attainment of such an objective all of us must join hands ... Read More »

#Occupy UGC campaign to be intensified

Shehla Rashid, It has been close to three months since the #OccupyUGC movement started as a spontaneous response of students to UGC’s utterly rash decision of discontinuation of the non-NET fellowship scheme. Due to our sustained protests, the government was forced to go on a backfoot, as matter was passed on to MHRD which then passed on the matter to ... Read More »

Muftis in Wonderland

Little Red Riding Hood couldn’t save her father from the wolf but on her way back home she has a long list to think on Farah Deeba While Brothers Grimm’s famous little Red Riding Hood gives a tough time to the wolf, we too have a replica of her (Red Riding Hood) in Kashmir. We call her Mehbooba Mufti. Though ... Read More »

Gilgit Baltistan and the Great Game

  Dr Shabir Choudhry    A famous historian Peter Hopkins in his work ‘Great Game’ asserted that the ‘Great Game’ was finally brought to ‘an end. The two rival empires had at last reached the limits of their expansion.’ After Kashmir National Party study tour of the region in October 2010, I wrote: ‘The above lease (of Gilgit Wazarat) and developments ... Read More »