Sunday , 24 September 2017
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Why Kashmiri students fail to crack IIT?

Er. Raashid Alam Every year hundreds and thousands of students from Kashmir appear in IIT-JEE. It is a crude reality that although most of the Students from our State get through the Ist stage (JEE Mains), but unfortunately very few qualify for the prestigious IIT. The main reason for this is ignoring preparation of maths without which it’s almost impossible ... Read More »


-Ubaid Hyder Centuries ago, there existed a fine city called Forres. This splendid city was famous all over the world for its grand architectural buildings and the wealthy and powerful eleven lords, who were popularly called the eleven of Forres. This city was a hub of luxury and misery both, the former for the eleven masters, who were the dynastically ... Read More »

Journalism isn’t dying – there’s even room for optimism about print

The history of newspapers has been one of adapting to prosper, and now is no different. Daniel Sorabji/AFP On Saturday, March 26, the Independent will publish its last edition in print. The Independent on Sunday sold for the last time on March 20. The distinctive El Pais of Madrid has announced that it will take “a step from paper to ... Read More »

BOOK REVIEW In Other Words, by Jhumpa Lahiri

By JOSEPH LUZZI IN OTHER WORDS By Jhumpa Lahiri Translated by: Ann Goldstein 233 pp. Alfred A. Knopf. $26.95. Nothing reminds you how far you are from home more than trying to speak in someone elses tongue. As Jhumpa Lahiri writes in her gorgeous new memoir, In Other Words, a language is as vast as an ocean; the most a foreigner ... Read More »

Resolution of Kashmir can Unlock War in Afghanistan

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai The idea that the dispute over the status of Jammu and Kashmir can be settled only in accordance with the will of the people, which can be ascertained through the democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite, was the common ground taken by all the three parties to the dispute, viz., the people of Kashmir, ... Read More »

A Step towards Peace Initiative

Written By : Ms.Nazia Nabi, Aneesa Hamid, a 23 year old, young and energetic girl hails from the village Kawpora of District Bandipora. Her family comprises seven members including her parents, three younger sisters and one brother. Her father is a daily wager and mother weaves carpets to meet their daily needs.   Prior to being part of the IGSSS supported ... Read More »

After faith healer is arrested for sexual abuse in Kashmir, more ‘victims’ come forward

Aijaz Ahmad Sheikh called himself a pir, but the boys he allegedly abused paint a very different portrait Safeena Wani Aijaz Ahmad Sheikh, 45, called himself a pir. A married man and father of three children, he had built a reputation for himself as a faith healer. For 20 years, people from Sopore in Kashmir, turned to Ahmad, asking him ... Read More »

Who is the guest coming here today?

Ishtiyaq Joo Not too long ago music artists from certain government department were assigned that they are supposed to go to a park on certain day for a performance. Some Mr. Yatoo(Y) or Matoo(M)was made their leader and the team was directed to follow his directives. This was for the first time when Mr. Y or M was leading any ... Read More »

What the ‘smart villages’ of Pakistan can teach us about energy

Pakistan has four decades of experience building micro hydropower plants with the cooperation of local communities to bring electricity to these isolated regions. Since 2014, Pakistan’s Rural Support Programmes Network has worked with the “Smart Village Initiative” started by a team based at Cambridge and Oxford universities in the United Kingdom, to further expand energy. About 70 million people in ... Read More »

Muslims, Sufferings and the Healing

Showkat Jan In the present Era humanity is suffering from various serious issues and everywhere politics has suppressed the humanity. Politicians have turned land of social beast’s into wild beast’s. On one hand Americans have shed blood of Innocent’s in Vietnam and on the other hand Russian revolution of “1971” in which more than one lakh Muslims were cut down ... Read More »