Sunday , 22 April 2018
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Of Pellets, Pava and Politics

  Junaid Malik More than two months have already elapsed in utter confusion and chaos in which hundreds of precious lives have been lost,hundreds turned blind and thousands injured through lethal weapons of mass blinder and killer which is colliery to that of weapons of mass destruction coined by America to destroy and colonize Iraq and other countries.the situation in ... Read More »

 Kashmir goes the Palestinian way

Malik Junaid Kashmir is the replica of Palestine not because of its cultural or ethical identities but due to mutual sufferings and correlated suppression by the alien hands.the  struggle for free and independent kashmir to emancipate It from the clutches of colonial rule is not a new phenomenon bearing the fact that this paradise has been enslaved many a times ... Read More »

When my bicycle had no tricolor.

SHEIKH SALEEM I remember once during my childhood, I insisted my father to take me to the parade ground on August 15. I was eight years old and I wanted to see the flag being hoisted. I had seen the celebrations of Indian Independence day on television – smiling people, distribution of sweets and the excited children. That day, I ... Read More »

Media Literacy, the Need of Present Age

Maryam Vaziri   In today’s world media as communication tools has become a buffer between the viewers and their image of reality and they effect on learning about the “image of reality” that namely could be called “reality manipulation by the media”. In fact media by using editing tools, provide technological unrealistic images of reality to the audience. On the ... Read More »

Knowledge will find its way!

 Maryam Vaziri   Quest for knowledge is much easier in the present hi-tech world of education, and distance or continuing education is exploring new means and ways of interacting with students and patrons. Education has become much novel by using the Internet and social media in current decade. Smartphone is an important device in the current age that has created different ... Read More »

Reflections on Modi’s Visit to the U.S:  What’s in it for Kashmir?

  Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai “Is it true Narendra Modi just boarded a flight to visit India?”  Tweeted a critic of Indian Prime Minister’s globe-trotting jaunts. “Welcome home, Pradhan Mantriji! How long will you be staying this time?”  Modi has already been to 33 countries just this year alone.  The Donald Trump of South Asia, the man out to make ... Read More »

Replying to the Iranian President

Maryam Vaziri, Social Networks are going to reshape individuals, social and public relationships; it is an opportunity for people to express their ideas about different matters. As of the third quarter of 2015, Facebook had 1.55 billion monthly active users whereas Twitter had more than 307 million monthly active users worldwide ( This large amount of users can give a ... Read More »

Ramazan: Intercultural Communications Pattern; Varsity in Unity

Maryam Vaziri, Ramazan is a lunar and Islamic month; since the Iranian people were amongst the First Nations to accept this religion, the Ramazan tradition has been going on between them for 1400 years. Iranians consider this month as the month of God’s feast in which the doors of mercy open up and the demons are harnessed. This month, is ... Read More »

Kashmiris can determine their own political destiny: Dr. Fai

  Baltimore, Maryland. May 31, 2016. “The world powers have voiced not a syllable of reproach to India for its human rights violations in Kashmir. Their tacit message to India’s leaders: your economic attractiveness and hegemony in South Asia exculpate your human rights atrocities in Kashmir. Does that reflect a profile in courage?” this was stated by Dr. Ghulam Nabi ... Read More »

Rewriting history of partition: Narratives of four generations of Pakistanis and Indians

 YASIR BASHIR A Book Review of Anam Zakaria’s ‘The Footprints of Partition: Narratives of Four Generations of Pakistanis and Indians’ ‘People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them’ {James Baldwin, Stranger in the Village} Partition was a moment of rupture and genocidal violence, making the termination of one regime and the inauguration of the two new ones. It ... Read More »