Friday , 19 January 2018
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Nurture the Power of Radio

World Radio Day – 13 February 2017     *Aamir Amin Nowshahri Communication technology has been making rapid strides in the present age. New and ever faster means and methods of transferring information from one point to another have made distances and time seem almost irrelevant. These developments assume more significance when we talk of the world of news. Not many ... Read More »

Shia Genocide in Pakistan: A matter of grave concern

Syed Karar Hashmi Government must tight its intelligence grid or be ready for catastrophy results. Pakistan a country of nightmare for millions of shias while same is the home of 40million Shias , the 2nd largest concentration after Iran. The shias have been victims of alarming violence and government of the country have completely failed to protect its minority community. ... Read More »

Constitution of Kashmir Editors Guild (KEG)-Issues & Concerns thereof

TARIQ A. RATHER* The foundation of Kashmir Editors Guild (KEG) is an auspicious development in the history of Kashmir’s media development and progress in its entirety. Earlier, there have been several initiatives to form such forums but failed due to non participation of all main 10 to 15 urdu and english newspapers. Now, the KEG has participation or membership of ... Read More »

Before you exam,get examined

Junaid Malik The state of Jammu and Kashmir is in shambles and tattered state ever since the armed struggle took the reigns of the command wherein generations after generations were lost and annihilated due to trauma and turmoil.Almost three decades have filled the chronicles of history  with blood bath and miseries which are unaccounted and unimaginable beyond the endurable limits.keeping ... Read More »

The Nobel Prize Recognizes That Aspiring to Peace Makes Peace More Likely

Jeffrey C. Goldfarb (NYT) Given President Barack Obama’s stewardship of American foreign policy after winning his Nobel Peace prize, it would seem that the award this year to President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia may have been a mistake. In both cases, the award was as much about aspiration as achievement, and sometimes aspiration is just not enough. But then ... Read More »

 A Cage Called Paradise  

  Javeed Bin Nabi The present situation across the bloody villages,towns and desolate hamlets of Kashmir valley is brimmed with horrific and volatile events, alluring laxity and carnages. Every nook and corner of the valley shows the absence of salubrious atmosphere and the glimmers of peace. What is present lamentations, pathetic tumults, yelling, swelling, woeful tales and limbos .In each ... Read More »

Of Pellets, Pava and Politics

  Junaid Malik More than two months have already elapsed in utter confusion and chaos in which hundreds of precious lives have been lost,hundreds turned blind and thousands injured through lethal weapons of mass blinder and killer which is colliery to that of weapons of mass destruction coined by America to destroy and colonize Iraq and other countries.the situation in ... Read More »

 Kashmir goes the Palestinian way

Malik Junaid Kashmir is the replica of Palestine not because of its cultural or ethical identities but due to mutual sufferings and correlated suppression by the alien hands.the  struggle for free and independent kashmir to emancipate It from the clutches of colonial rule is not a new phenomenon bearing the fact that this paradise has been enslaved many a times ... Read More »

When my bicycle had no tricolor.

SHEIKH SALEEM I remember once during my childhood, I insisted my father to take me to the parade ground on August 15. I was eight years old and I wanted to see the flag being hoisted. I had seen the celebrations of Indian Independence day on television – smiling people, distribution of sweets and the excited children. That day, I ... Read More »

Media Literacy, the Need of Present Age

Maryam Vaziri   In today’s world media as communication tools has become a buffer between the viewers and their image of reality and they effect on learning about the “image of reality” that namely could be called “reality manipulation by the media”. In fact media by using editing tools, provide technological unrealistic images of reality to the audience. On the ... Read More »