Sunday , 22 April 2018
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GST: The Biggest Ever Tax Reform

Ajay Kumar Chaturvedi Much awaited Goods and Services Tax (GST) will finally be a reality tonight that would radically change the way manufacturer, service provider, trader and eventually the consumer, pay taxes to the exchequer, both at the state and Central level, through a single levy, subsuming a plethora of indirect taxes and making India unified market.    WHAT IS GST? ... Read More »

National Statistics Day, 29th June – Role of P C Mahalanobis in Nation Building

    Ajay Kumar Gupta In the words of Prof. Mahalanobis “Statistics must have a clearly defined purpose, one aspect of which is scientific advancement and the other human welfare and national development.” And in both the aspects his contribution has been immense. He is rightly referred to as the chief architect of Indian statistical system as well as father ... Read More »

Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor – It will meet country’s demand for Clean Energy in the immediate and the long-term future

[“] ] Srikumar Banerjee Government’s announcement for the plan of construction of ten new Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors (PHWR) of 700 MWe capacity vindicates the confidence in the indigenous PHWR technology which has been built over a period of nearly four decades. The performance of the present sixteen indigenously built PHWRs is demonstrated by an average capacity factor of about 80% ... Read More »

Kashmir Demands Sensible Approach

  Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai The struggle for self-determination of the people of Kashmir is at a critical juncture. A youth-led, indigenous and spontaneous mass movement is underway. This movement is both internal, within Kashmir, and external throughout the world. It is mostly non-violent, pluralistic and resilient. This movement reverberates with cries of freedom and believes in a simple truth: ... Read More »

Tobacco usage – the biggest culprit undermining all development efforts

  ]    Santosh Jain Passi & Akanksha Jain Tobacco usage – a major hurdle undermining developmental gains worldwide, is the foremost preventable cause of premature morbidity/mortality. Tobacco products contain nearly 5000-7000 toxic substances, the most dangerous being nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar. Cigarette, bidi, cigar, hookah, sheesha, tobacco chewing, clove cigarettes, snuff and e­cigarette are the commonly used forms. ... Read More »

India and Russia, hand-in-hand for a bright future   

*Syed Mahmoud Nawaz India and Russia have recently completed 70 years of diplomatic relations. On April 13 2017, which marked the historic occasion, a grand launch function for year-long celebrations to salute this friendship was held in New Delhi. More than 100 events, which will span diverse areas of bilateral collaboration, will be held both in India and Russia during ... Read More »

Who is collaborator in kashmir 

Junaid malik Ever since the Afro-Asian  nations broke their shackles from the colonial occupations,it drew up a line of unsettled territories almost in every continent which led its habitants to remain entangled in struggle and strife with the occupants.the fleeing forces in haste left behind unsettled and unmarked territories and kashmir is surely one of them.kashmir is such a buffer ... Read More »

Journalist Karan Thapar raises tough questions about Jadhav

  DAWN News KARACHI: Simply but aptly titled “The mysterious Mr Jadhav”, well-known journalist Karan Thapar has written a hard-hitting article about the Indian spy who has been sentenced to death by a military tribunal in Pakistan. Karan Thapar The sub-head coined for the piece — published on Friday on the website of the Indian Express — was equally instructive ... Read More »

How to get ready for UPSC civil services prelims examination 2017

Book Review Book: Ancient and Medieval India Author: Poonam Dalal Dahiya, IRS (Income Tax) Publisher: by McGraw Hill Education India, First edition (25 January 2017) ISBN: 978-93-5260-345-9 Paperback: 584 pages Poonam Dalal Dahiya The UPSC has notified 980 vacancies for Civil Services 2017 (rated as one of the most toughest exam in the country).The Exam consists of three stages: Prelims ... Read More »

Technology & Customer Experience, New Hospitality Trends for 2017

Dr Jon-Hans Coetzer Nowadays, technology is advancing at a rapid pace, especially in the hospitality and tourism industry. Customer-facing interactions are quickly being replaced with self-scan, self-check transactions, which have enabled the customer to become more self-sufficient. A study at the University of Oxford has even revealed that by the year 2033, as many as 47% of modern day job ... Read More »