Monday , 21 May 2018
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She is waiting but all in vain

Aasima Jan   She is waiting but all in vain She knows you left the world And is aware of all your pain Still she is waiting but all in vain….. At the end of those woods an unfortunate mother is still searching for  her daughter. She is looking for her blooming bud with her moist eyes. She is looking for ... Read More »

Damaging our world with mobile phones

Ulfat Ara We are living in technologically advanced era. scientific gadgets have become the need and habit of our age .Today, everybody one way or the other is influenced  by the  technological advancements .our way of looking towards life   has drastically changed with the changing trends .To convey a simple message to people we prefer phone calls instead of meeting ... Read More »

Why my existence makes you churl?

Aasima Jan   I’m the unheard cry, I’m one unhappy butterfly. Look at me with a smile, Hold me in your lap for a while. Nine months you nourished me in your womb, Then why at my birth, your face is gloom. Believe me I’m a feather in your cap, Love me I’m your newborn chap. I’m your daughter, I’m ... Read More »

Eradicating the Caste:  A requisite step to bring change in society

Sehar Muneer Malik Nothing else can be put forward as an authentication to withstand the article than the verses from the holy book of ‘Quran’  Chapter 49: ‘verse 13’, “Surah Hujurat” categorically stating …. “O mankind, we created you from one man and one woman, and then divided you into nations and tribes “So that you may recognize one another”.           ... Read More »

Kashmir Voice International: Organization of Kashmir Diaspora based in London

Javid Kakroo             Kashmir is a story of broken promises and the story of misery for centuries. In 1947 when India and Pakistan were celebrating their independence, Kashmiris lost it and the state was divided. People have questioned the authority of Maharaja Hari Singh to execute the accession and some believe he was coerced into doing ... Read More »

Role of Education in Women Empowerment

Waseem Ahmad Mir Empowerment can be viewed as means of creating a social environment in which one can make decisions and make choices either individually or collectively for social transformation. The empowerment strengthens the innate ability by way of acquiring knowledge, power and experience. Empowerment is the process of enabling or authorizing individual to think, take action and control work ... Read More »

… and you protest why?

Aasima Jan They say women are now empowered . They are satisfied that they have given authority and power to women; Authority to do whatever she wants, Power to take her own decisions, Confidence to raise her voice against all odds.  Alas in this race of empowerment you have forgotten to treat women lively and humanely. Sons of Adam be ... Read More »

“To The” or “My Dear” is the question

Aasima Jan It’s onerous to be a teacher. No doubt passing exams and qualifying interviews authorises us to be teachers, but does that make us educators in real sense? As I was supervising class 8th exams, a student from affiliated school wanted me to explain the question paper and in particular question 5, which read; Write an application to the headmaster ... Read More »

Two Statements, But Two Different Political and Media Reactions

Sofi Zahoor October, 2017, was probably the month of nightmare for two -different communities of India and Pakistan as both the communities faced a verbal venom by two controversial lawmakers from the respective countries .The Ahmadi community in Pakistan faced the verbal guns from the controversial law maker of ruling PMLN, Capt Safdar Awan-son in law of former Prime Minister ... Read More »

JKP: Where is the professionalism?

Sofi Zahoor  It has been almost more than two months since the chaos of braid chopping struck the valley, resulting more than hundred of such incidents and leaving everyone in distress. There was a chaotic   situation in entire valley as it spread like a wild fire throughout the valley and  more than one incident of braid chopping was coming ... Read More »