Sunday , 22 July 2018
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Jamia Masjid Shopian: A historic monument

Babrah Muskan Walking through the roads of Shopian, as I proceed towards the main market of Shopian, the historic and significant Jamia Masjid grasps my attention amid all the hustle and bustle of the main chowk. Its historic importance, prominence and beautiful architecture make me contemplate over and over again how beautifully the architecture is carved. Shopian, despite being politically disturbed ... Read More »

A silent, sullen and colourless Eid of Kashmir

Aasima Jan Deeply Engrossed in my thoughts, the bygone memories play in front of me like butterflies- merrily and happily flying around the flowers and sucking nectar. Ah! these childhood memories always evoke nostalgia and often make me happy and kiddy. As for my peers, Eid came with a lot of delicacies and surprises for me as well. It was indeed ... Read More »

The Fire of Fatwa

    UBAIR UL HAMEED We’re living in the 21st century; fourteen hundred years have passed since the Prophet Mohammad (SAW) propagated Islam as a complete way of life. It’s but natural that there would be disagreements among people, disagreements have started right from the time of Sahabas (Companions of the Prophet). Disagreements between the Sahaba have sometimes given birth ... Read More »

Government: A well-wisher of SSA teachers- the “illegally appointed contractual laborers”

      Muhammad Ulfat Anjan SSA teachers are again hitting roads to pressurize the government to turn an attentive ear towards their demands. These teachers are without salaries from last four months and government is not able to streamline their salaries. The hue and cry these teachers are raising is giving the policymakers sleepless nights as it has turned ... Read More »

Ramadan: Let us help each other to move on

  Aasima Jan    Don’t judge me by my appearance, My miseries are beyond your cognizance. I am happy seems to you, You never know what I have been through. Let me live  let me live, Before the final siren is blew.   We struggle to seek contentment and pleasures in worldly delights. What makes us happy is but oblivious ... Read More »

Korean Sumit: Will Indo-Pak take a cue to break the ice?

  Malik Nazir Ahmad Korean reunion is a historic landmark. Can India and Pakistan follow the suit to reconsider the huge cost they are paying to claim the territory of Kashmir that deflates economies of both sides? A month earlier, archrival North Korea and South Korea came to a historical agreement vowing to formally end the war officially after 65 ... Read More »

She is waiting but all in vain

  Aasima Jan   She is waiting but all in vain She knows you left the world And is aware of all your pain Still she is waiting but all in vain….. At the end of those woods an unfortunate mother is still searching for  her daughter. She is looking for her blooming bud with her moist eyes. She is looking ... Read More »

Damaging our world with mobile phones

Ulfat Ara We are living in technologically advanced era. scientific gadgets have become the need and habit of our age .Today, everybody one way or the other is influenced  by the  technological advancements .our way of looking towards life   has drastically changed with the changing trends .To convey a simple message to people we prefer phone calls instead of meeting ... Read More »

Why my existence makes you churl?

Aasima Jan   I’m the unheard cry, I’m one unhappy butterfly. Look at me with a smile, Hold me in your lap for a while. Nine months you nourished me in your womb, Then why at my birth, your face is gloom. Believe me I’m a feather in your cap, Love me I’m your newborn chap. I’m your daughter, I’m ... Read More »

Eradicating the Caste:  A requisite step to bring change in society

Sehar Muneer Malik Nothing else can be put forward as an authentication to withstand the article than the verses from the holy book of ‘Quran’  Chapter 49: ‘verse 13’, “Surah Hujurat” categorically stating …. “O mankind, we created you from one man and one woman, and then divided you into nations and tribes “So that you may recognize one another”.           ... Read More »