Monday , 23 July 2018
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PDP, BJP  of opportune politics: Adv Nazir Malik 


Bandipora, JUNE 24:  Advocate Nazir Ahmad Malik Secretary North Zone National Conference has castigated PDP BJP for being the paragon of opportune politics and destroying Kashmir. He observed that recent fall of the government was well-managed theatrics, that both parties did after virtually destroying the state especially valley of Kashmir. 

In a statement  issued today, Malik said  the past more than three years PDP BJP government proved to be the recipe of the disaster for the Jammu and Kashmir state especially the valley of Kashmir as youth were pushed to wall and thus hopelessness increased,  frustration increased, violence increased and valley was thrown into abyss of darkness. PDP BJP only were masters in creating controversies and increasing issues during all these years of rotten governance."


He observed that PDP compromised on every genuine interest of Kashmir and took huge number of anti-Kashmir steps.                              

Advocate Nazir Malik made it clear that after presiding over complete havoc both PDP and BJP left the state high and dry. He added: "Mehbooba Mufti is now talking of the muscular policy while all these years she proved a rubber stamp of the BJP and was made to invoke every sort of repression over the masses without any check and balance. BJP too with its fascist polity was rejected as it had no idea beyond fascist tendencies." History will remember the treachery, political upheaval, alienation and rot promoted by both the PDP and BJP, remarked Advocate Nazir Malik.