Wednesday , 20 June 2018
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… and you protest why?

Aasima Jan

They say women are now empowered . They are satisfied that they have given authority and power to women; Authority to do whatever she wants, Power to take her own decisions, Confidence to raise her voice against all odds. 

Alas in this race of empowerment you have forgotten to treat women lively and humanely. Sons of Adam be kind to her, she too is among daughters of Eve. No doubt she is empowered in papers but the bitter truth of her servitude is always neglected in this patriarchal society. It’s not something they face once they grow up or get married, they come face to face with brutality from the very first day they come out of their mothers' wombs. 

She was just 8 year old playing with her toys and helping her parents in raising the cattle. she was a blooming bud living in her wonderland, completely unaware of the fact that a beast  laid his eyes on her. Her fairyland was smashed when she was kidnapped, drugged, raped and mercilessly killed in cold blood. Her bones were broken, her body mutilated, burnt and disposed off in the meadows, such a painful death. The  pain she has passed through is giving  me goose bumps. Oh you monster, shame on your manhood .Asifa  never wanted empowerment but she always dreamt of a society where she is regarded as lively and humane.

She was waiting for her parents to arrive from umrah. She had left with her brother for madrassa  such a beautiful soul. All the way she was thinking about her parents and the gifts she is going to receive.  The demon came like a protector, held her feeble hand and took her to dim and dingy place where from she never returned. She was abducted, tortured, raped, murdered and finally dumped in a heap of garbage. Such a horrible deathbed. Oh you critter,  My  Allah has watched all this  and nobody is going to save you from HIS wrath. Zainub never  wanted  empowerment. Away from her parents, she simply wanted her world to be a safer and more secure place to live.

They were busy in their fields doing their domestic work, they were working dawn to dusk. You took advantage of evenfall and their loneliness, you grabbed them fulfilled your lust and snatched their breaths. Alack!you then killed  both of them . You conferred  such a horrible death to these sisters. Shame on you and your musculinity. Asia and Nelofer never wanted empowerment they dreamt of a world where they can safely build their own niche.

She was with her friend in a bus ,you gangraped her and threw her half dead from the running bus in the chilly winter night . She struggled for life but lost her battle .  she had wished to live more but she was killed without any of her fault. you beasts  shame on you and your virility . Nirbhaya never wanted empowerment but she always wished to live her life to fullest .Alas!!!

She was a bride her eyes were bright and shining, life had knocked at her door with new authority and duty . She was a newly wed bride, little did she know that the most cherished moment of her life will be an ordeal that will haunt her till her last breath. Oh you beasts you fired mercilessly killing some who accompanied her, injured others and took her along with her aunt to nearby fields; raped them, killed her aunt and pumped five bullets into her abdomen.  she somehow recovered physically but she is still living with that trauma. The incident wrecked her life and shook her faith in humanity and her pain is evident from her woebegone expressions. Mubina  never wanted empowerment she dreamt of a  happy married and respectful life .You so called gentlemen, you shattered all her dreams that had just started to bloom . Oh beasts  in uniform shame on you and shame on male chauvinism.

And you say that you get provoked by her clothes . What modish and stylish clothes were Asia and Nelofer wearing ? How were baby Zainub and baby Asifa’s clothes captivating . Shame on your thinking Don’t blame the clothes or  her life style blame your grimy mind . She was innocent and she is innocent irrespective of her dress code. You are guilty and you are culpable. You have proved that by protesting in favour of a rapist you are sick and manky.  Protest the more you can , protest from pillar to post. Nobody is going to save your felonious rapists. Be ashamed you have permanently placed pepper spray and knives inside our handbags. 

I believe!  Yes I do believe; very soon in this world Allah will pronounce his judgement and when  Allah will pronounce his judgment against these miscreants there will be no protests, there will be no adjournments, there will be no appeals, there will be no witnesses. Allah is aware of what you do.It will be Allah's court. Allah will decide and I believe Allah is the best of decider. Nobody  is going to save them from Allahs wrath and fury. when the  judgement comes from Allahs' court it is FULL and FINAL.