Monday , 23 July 2018
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PDP Vs Govt: PDP identifies rot in system, Suggests Govt to address unemployment before Youth Loses Hope


"Entire generation is in disarray, bound to pile up as a disorganized and dejected mass''

SRINAGAR, August 21: Government of Jammu & Kashmir needs to focus on compounding problem of unemployment through an effective and implementable policy based on an organised use of available resources and support, this was not suggested by any opposition party to the government but the ruling party itself.

In a statement issued today PDP general secretary Nizamudin Bhat urged the government to address this problem before the youth loses hope at the peril of our future.

He said it is this problem which poses a serious threat to Social fabric and state’s policy as the youth is losing direction as well as faith in the system.

Bhat said technocrats, qualified persons and skilled labour who could have built and empowered the state are wasting their potential talent and energy in absence of adequate prospect of absorption in a positive and fruitful activity.

He said such is the obtaining scenario that entire generation is in disarray, bound to pile up as a disorganized and dejected mass.

Bhat said that there has been obvious saturation in government sector and gap in aspirants and vacancies is widening in every day. Similarly, the public and private sectors do not grow to meet the demand. Horticulture, Tourism, Handicrafts, Agriculture and Environment sectors have to be made more  vibrant and growth oriented to come over the stagnation and arrest the decline.

He said that central schemes like MGNREGA, NRHM, Skill development, UMEED or incentive based schemes in sports, Culture and industries do not change much on the ground. The twin objective of these schemes of growth and development is failing.

Bhat said that thousands of unskilled labour and less educated have been managed by successive governments on false hopes and liability of this non productive work force is turned into a “Protest force” unfortunately. Similarly, stop gap arrangements and contractual culture is engaging the government in a “ file work and meeting culture” which spoils governance and impacts the functioning adversely.

He said that bureaucracy is transformed into a machine which billows the smoke of so called rules and assessment, polluting the conducive atmosphere for any productive shift or positive change. Even most of the rules are outdated and ned update, he added.

Bhat said it is high time that the government makes a quick appraisal to transform the institutions into active platforms for harmonious growth and meaningful activity so that society and state is save from confusion and chaos and resources are sustained if not improved.

He expressed faith in the desire of the Chief Minister to get the system out of a sickening attitude and devise a mechanism for problem resolution. She needs cooperation to do this and society owes this no change for better. He added.