Monday , 23 July 2018
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PDP Disowns Gh Nabi Patel’s association


Srinagar, June 22 :::  Peoples Democratic Party( PDP) has disowned Gh Nabi Patel of Dangerpora Shadimarg  saying the party has no functionary of such name in Shopian District.

The party spokesman stated that reports were received by the party office that the said person has been describing him self as General Secretary of the Shopian District and is exploiting the party’s name for his pety personal interests.

In the wake of these reports party felt necessary to aware public about such alleged exploitors. Since he doesnot belong to PDP, any abody interacting with him in the name of the party will do that at his own risk and responsibility.

The said person is also informed to restrain from using PDP’s name and in case of any complaint received,  the party has a right to take an appropriate legal action against him.

The party will not tolerate any kind of activity which brings bad name to us, the party spokesman said .