Sunday , 22 July 2018
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BJP MLA speaks venom against Kashmiri Muslims, says Kashmiri are traitors


SRINAGAR | JUNE 13 (PTK): BJP MLA in Hyderabad Raja Singh known for his anti-Muslim stance has brazenly asked Amarnath Yatris not purchase anything from Kashmiri Muslim traders during upcoming yearly Yatra.

In a video message uploaded on his ‘Sri Ram Channel’, Singh says that in order to take “revenge on behalf of the Indian soldiers don’t buy anything from Kashmiri traders”.

“To those who visit Amarnath my request is that don’t buy anything even worth Rs 1, of goods from these Kashmiri Muslim traitors,’’ Raja Singh appealed.

“Those who go to Srinagar after the pilgrimage, don’t buy anything from these traitors who attack and kill our soldiers,” he said.

“If we make that small effort, in the coming time, you will realise that these traitors live off our money. If we don’t buy anything from them for a few years, these traitor Kashmiri Muslims will get on their knees and say that they don’t want Pakistan or ‘Azad Kashmir’, but that they will stay with India only,” he adds.