Thursday , 21 June 2018
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‘SDH’ Bandipora defunct owing to shortage of doctors, specialists

Frequent referrals troubles B’pora patients


Bandipora, March 31 :The shortage of doctors at Bandipora hospital has left the Sub District Hospital Bandipora literally defunct putting patients in trouble and risking lives of the residents.

Though the nomenclature of the hospital was changed from Sub-District Hospital to District Hospital, However the facilities continue to remain the same as that of a District Hospital with acute shortage of staff especially doctors and specialists. The patients of Bandipora continue to visit City Hospitals thus increasing the burden on these hospitals.

The 30-beded hospital has a Gynaecologist, however the residents accuse hospital authorities of frequent referrals from the hospitals to Srinagar hospital. They said the pregnant ladies are  mostly referred to Srinagar for minor complications as the hospital lacks equipments as well as the manpower.

Locals said that  referring a pregnant lady at the eleventh hour to Srinagar is like inviting trouble as travelling on dilapidated Srinagar-Bandipora road is very difficult and for a pregnant lady it can prove fatal.

‘The doctors too have a work load and they prefer patient to refer to Srinagar to avoid overload and sometime doctors prefer to work on private clinics rather than working in hospitals,’ said a resident Mohammad Mudasir Shah.

‘‘The height of negligence is such that the patients who have  to undergo surgery are turned back due to alleged unavailability of the doctors,’’ he said.

Officials said there is only one surgeon specialist in the hospital while the patient influx has increased many folds from past few months. The hospitals doesn’t have an ENT specialist, Opthalmologist and orthopedician. There is also a single Paediatrician who is currently unable to deal with the increase in number of viral infection cases in children from past few days.

On Thursday dozens of patients were turned back by the Hospital Administration, reason that “they don’t have the doctor and the only anaesthetist available in the hospital was not available”. The patients complained that “the hospital doesn’t even notify the patients about the unavailability of the doctors”.

Chief Medical Officer Bandipora Dr Bilkees said they had two anaesthesia specialists in the hospital among which one left the job and another was on leave due to ill health.  She said she has requested government for the deployment of doctors. She said the hospital is soon going to be shifted to new building and then there will be no shortage of the staff.