Saturday , 26 May 2018
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Swachh Bharat Mission fails to improve sanitation in Sumbal


Bhat Zahoor

Sumbal March,07:.  Even after several campaigns launched by the Urban Local bodies department under the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM), the Sumbal Town presents a “dirty look” as huge garbage piles up in the town  every day.

The Scheme has failed to do any good in the town as Municipal Committee Sumbal has failed miserably to mobilize its men and machinery to ensure cleanliness in the area forcing people to do start the cleanliness drives of its own. Heaps of garbage in every locality of Sumbal town tell a tale of neglect and indifferent attitude of the authorities.

A student of Govt Girls High school Sumbal said the SBM  has been restricted to  photo ops only by the higher ups as the officials pose with brooms in the morning and issue press releases in media while on ground nothing as such is implemented.

Despite strong resentment by students, the Sumbal Municipal Committee has ignored the student’s protest and has refused to lift garbage from near the Government Girls High School at Sumbal as the   the Municipal Committee has turned the area around the school into a garbage dump thus  risking the lives of the students as the area may be prone to epidemic.

The garbage dump outside of the school is causing immense inconvenience to students. Pungent smell emanating from the dump has made the lives of students miserable. The spot has become a safe haven for stray dogs—posing threat to students. “Due to pungent smell emanating from the garbage dump, we are not able to concentrate on our studies. It is difficult to pass through the stinking garbage while coming to and fro to the school,” said a group of students.

“We have several times apprised the officials about the issue, but no action was taken. We urge the Higher authority to order shifting of the garbage bins from the spot,” they said.

Executive officer Municipal Committee Sumbal was not available for the comments