Tuesday , 21 November 2017
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Muslims of Kashmir re-open Hindu temple after 27 years to celebrate ‘Maha Shivratri’

Held rally to invite KPs to return to Valley
Waheed Bhat 
Bandipora,  February 24 : Muslims population of Sumbal area of north Kashmir’s Bandipora district on Friday  opened “Nandkishore Temple”- closed from almost three decades, to lure their migrated Hindu brethren to return to Valley .
The  temple was reopened after a gap of more than twenty seven years to celebrate Hindu festival Maha Shivratri and to send a message to Kashmiri Pandits(KPs) to come back and live among them.
The temple was closed since 1990 soon after Kashmiri Pandits migrated from the valley.
On the occasion hundreds of locals gathered and took up cleanliness works in and around the temple in order to send the message.
Scores of Kashmiri muslims gathered in the temple and prayed for peace and communal harmony in the State.
People present said that kashmir is not Kashmir without kashmiri Pandits.
“We request Kashmiri Pandits to return to their homes. Before 1990’s we used to share eachother’s joys and sorrows. We were taught by Pandits and were always there for each other in times of need and lived together as one happy family,” a local Muslim Mohammad Sultan said.
“We used to share walnuts, fried fishes during this festival.  We are incomplete without our Hindu brothers, and they should return and live among us like we used to live,” Mr Sultan said.
Farooq Ahmad, another local said, Kashmiri Pandits are part and parcel of the Kashmiri society and we welcome them.
“They are welcome to return to their villages and homes in Kashmir. They are part of this Kashmir garden and we want them to come back and let this garden shine like it used to, before 1990’s,” Farooq said.
“Since they are not here we came here in the temple and cleaned like they used to do and tried our best to celebrate the festival with the aim of sending message to them to return back this paradise that is incomplete without them,”Farooq said.
A rally was carried out from Sumbal colony to Nandkishore Temple by scores of Kashmiri Muslims, holding placards in hands. Some of the placards read, “Let’s celebrate next Herath (MahaShivratari) together,” “We all have suffered, “Let’s bring Kashmiris together,Kashmiri Pandits return back and Kashmir is incomplete without you.”
Meanwhile, PDP leader and MLC Bandipora Yasir Reshi released two lacs from his Constituency Development Fund for the maintenance of the temple.


  1. The gesture and goodwill of Kashmiri Muslims towards their brothern pandits with an appeal for their come back is laudable.This is living together with diversity of culture in Hindustan. I welcome the move and request all Kashmiri Pandits living in Karnataka to go back to their native land.

  2. Good move,Kashmir is ours .
    Jab thak Suraj Chand rahega Kashmir Hindustan me Rahega .
    Bharath Maratha ki Jai

  3. Nice to hear Muslim wants hindu kashmiri pandit to be return back and want to live in peace …. Only true Indian will do this.

  4. The poison of religion has so much blinded us that we have become religious not human. The only need of the burning world today is to make humanity the only religion for survival of mankind. The religion should either be abandoned or kept very personal.

  5. Ansuman Chatterjee

    A great move towards building our nation stronger and showing the world our brotherhood. Also how cal I finish my comment without saying this is a strong slap to the face of Pakistan and their napak activity.
    Bande mataram.
    Bharat Mata Ki Jay.

  6. Appreciate the volunteers who have cleaned up the temple premises and welcom Kashmiri pundits to return to their homes. Love this gesture.

  7. Nice to hear a good news from Kashmir. Eswar,allah,Jesus,gurudwar are the place of worship for different religion. End of the day all are god. We Indians unite & show to the rest of the world that we are the big secular country with peace as Moto & development as the goal. Benakappa DG shimoga Karnataka India

  8. Really appreciate the move from our kashmiri muslim brothers..this is really a tight slap on the fave of pakistan..n will also ensure pease n prosperity in state of kashmir.

  9. This the unique of my India

  10. Very good move by Kashmiri people. Love peace and respect for others is Indian culture. Ultimately every Human being is having God in him or her.Let all of us pray for the peace, love and properity for our beatiful Kashmir.

  11. Aise hi karke ye Mandir pe kabza karke masjid bana denge…

  12. Aise hi Mandir pe kabza karke ye masjid bana denge… Pata bhi nahi chalega…

  13. Thanks for publishing this information. This clearly depicts the inner feelings of every kashmiri people to live together sharing love and brotherhood with each other. I wholeheartedly welcome this and it’s time to forget the past, live together happily celebrating the future. Stay blessed.

  14. ayub sarwar trichal pulwama

    This is what we call COMMUNAL HARMONY.I really appreciate the move and pay homage to these people who believe in fraternity.

  15. Kodoth Shashidharan

    Let this gesture prevail among the human race heralding a new sense of oneness. After all we are not here to fight but to coexist.

  16. I bow to mr sultan n Farook bhai

  17. Indian public want to maintain the secular fabric intact.But politics creep inside them like serpent to throw venom.God bless them to have normal life as usual ..

  18. Great move and it is too touching to see our temple being made pious by our kashmiri brothers.

  19. Great move and it is too touching to see our temple being made pious by our kashmiri brothers.

    Reminds us of our childhood in our native place.

  20. Nice to hear Muslim wants hindu kashmiri pandit to be return back and want to live in peace …. Only true Indian will do this.

  21. It’s one step, but need lot of things to build confidence , real Hindus wants that, real humanbeing, wants that

  22. Ha ha!! Opening temple does not mean their ideology and mind set has changed. Please remember a new generation has come up with no secular thought. It may be a good gesture but not not well indented.

  23. It is only the political parties who have spoiled Kashmir . In early Sixties Nahru had once said that Kashmiri people
    are so simple and honest that there is no need of any Govt. The day to day affairs could be run even by District Admininstration.
    Even Gandhiji has said, if you want to see sincerity and heaven , see it in Kashimir

  24. काश सपा कांग्रेस का गठजोड़ पहले हो गया होता तो ये होने में सत्ताईस बरस न लगते।

    वैसे कश्मीर में भीषण जुल्मो सितम, बलात्कार, लूट के शिकार और वहां से जबरन भगा दिए गए अधिकांस हिन्दुओं के घरों पर उन्ही के हम निवाला-हम प्याला मुस्लिम पड़ौसियों के कब्जे हैं, हाँ ये अलग बात है की मुख्य द्वार पर ताले लटके हैं, और पिछली दीवारे तोड़कर उनमे दरवाजे आदि लगा कर रह रहे हैं।

    सिक्युरिटी बलों के साथ वहां जाने का याद-कदा मौका मिलने पर वहां से भगाये गए हिन्दू जब अपने घरों को देखने जाते हैं तो वही लुटरे-पड़ौसी पहले तो असली मालिकों को वापिस आये देखकर चौंकते हैं और फिर बेशर्मी, उपहास और लापरवाही से भरी हंसी हवा में बिखेर देते हैं और ये सुनी सुनाई बातें नहीं बल्कि मैंने अपनी आँखों से स्वंम देखा और अनुभव किया है।

    पर फिर भी ये एक बहुत अच्छा प्रयास है अगर ये सच है तो,
    और अगर ये सच है तो अल्लाह भी है ही कहीं न कहीं…

  25. Tears rolls in my eyes, no words to express, really heart warming act of our Muslim Brothers, see the impact of the thought which made those Muslim Brothers to think about their Hindu Brothers and to show their solidarity in Unison.
    Meta Bharathi Mahaan hai! Bharat Mathaki Jai.

  26. Really appreciate your effort my brothers and sisters… God bless you. Yes we all should live in Harmony. It is one world family. Living together is Happiness 🙂

  27. Thank u brothers to start this gesture and genuine feeling.. but my personal doubt is r they safe there being in South we here so much about killings of Hindus soo just asking ….

  28. Nice to hear Muslims of Kashnir wants Pandit to be returned and want to live in peace.Once PoK Territory is returned, and related re- Aggreements are signed with full security control established by the Indian government Pandits any many more wants to back. We await instructions from our Indian Government

  29. I don’t find enough justification to appreciate the move for rehabilitation of Kashmir pandit by Kashmir Muslims. They should have condemned the murder of innocent kashmir pandit, looting their properties & raping their women. Why Congress Govt. did not take adequate steps for the safety of kashmir pandit at that time. Why Congress Govt did not take adequate measure for rehabilitation of kashmiri pandit. This may be a political conspiracy of Congress party. After 27 years kashmir Muslims realised that Kashmir pandit should return to kashmir. Can kashmir muslim returned back the precious life of kashmir pandit to whom they murdered brutally? Will kashmir muslim returned back the properties of kashmir pandit which were looted by them? Is it possible to return back the chastity of women? Where is the guarantee that massacre to kashmir pandit would not repeat in future? I firmly believe that Modiji will take adequate and proper action for rehabilitation of kashmir pandit at Kashmir in near future.

  30. Ckachroo @yahoo.com

  31. I am of the view that it appears that there is some ulterior motive behind all this. Nothing as yet can be said . Let us wait and watch. Time alone will prove .

  32. Very nice to see such a great gesture Hope in future it will continue.

  33. Great to hear about this. Btw tell us what is the message they are going to send to the separatist and terrorist and Pakistan??

  34. Beware of any conspiracy My Hindu brothers n sisters !! These people are real shit!!

  35. Gandhi should have thrown away all the Muslins from India in 1947,,big mistake by Gandhi at that time,,Jai Hind,,khan are ruling Indian Box office,,just imagine a Hindu actor ruling pakistanese box office not even in your dream,,so why Hindu Indian are so fool,,we consider them as Bhai Bhai,,but they are real piggs!!

  36. a telling proof of secularism and societal advancement and the longing for a humane society and has to be acknowledged in full . As pointed out with the title of the post mainstream media has missed this headline of immense significance with a message of peace and tranquility in the valley that has no substitutes and paralells .One recalls the incident in kadaliundi in calicut where during a train train mishap on a day of Namaz the mosque priest gave an emergency call to the worshippers who came mosque to be involved in rescue operations and was heeded in full by the devotes . this was the main news in a tabloid capsule news paper then . let us welcome , honour and acknowledge these intiatives than just remain as mute witnesses.

  37. This is a good effort by Muslim community towards temples and Hindu brothers if true and by there heart feeling.

  38. Good move, basically they are converted and have that soft corner for pandits. However, how can KPs forget the humiliation these very People gave 27 years ago. Untill criminals responsible for murdering , exodus are not brought to justice and written apologies in all News papes are not given, KPs shouldn’t return. If they have realised that their exodus hasn’t helped them , they should admit and tender apologies. There is ideological difference, we love to chant Bharat Mata ki Jai and they chant for across the border. We pray Om Shanti Shanti Shanti, they shout Jihad, Jihad
    Lastly , how can we live their, if the slogan is Yahan ka chale ga…Nizame- Mustafa.

  39. Shrikant K Nikanke

    I certainly overwhelmed with this touchy gesture, God bless u all. Thanks to the MLC for releasing funds for immediate maintenance of Temple.

  40. I would like to thank mr yasser reshi sahib pdp leader for taking this great initiative in restoring the sanctitity of this great pious temple once revered by both hindus an muslims of that area three decades back.
    This temple constructed by our great great grandfather pandit rishi bhat sumbly was a living example of brotherhood and harmony between on and all.
    Great step
    Welcome by everyone.
    Ajay sumbly

  41. Bhavani Gopal Singh

    Are they really doing or just a show off…?

    If they really doing, then they have to first stand hand to hand with Indian ARMY to fight against terrorism and stop helping to terrorist….

    Are they sleeping for 27 years ? And what made them to do this after Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat’s warning to locals

  42. Very laudable step ahead in the right direction. This gesture needs to be appreciated and a step forward is required by Kashmiri Pandits towards reciprocation. Sadly such positive steps do not get mentioned by the Media. Barkha Dutt, where are you lady?

  43. Very good movement. Which shows and makes good integrity between all community in India.incredible India. Great India.

  44. This is PURE propaganda.

    1) Kashmiri Pandits/Hindus are the REAL Kashmiris, the aborigines of Kashmir.
    2) They did not migrate as the evil article is insinuating, it was a GENOCIDAL ETHNIC CLEANSING by Muslims
    3) The Kashmiri Hindus were ethnically cleansed by calling for the SLAVERY of all Hindu Women (as you know what) across Mosques in the valley.

    First acknowledge the full extent of ATROCITY committed on Kashmiri Hindus by the Kashmiri Muslims.

  45. It is really a Gud move from the Muslim community to accept the Kashmiri pandits in thier ongoing process for resettlement and peace. Let there be peace and harmony . No country in the world can progress by ” Hatred speeches and terrorism.

  46. No Pandits will return until and unless conducive political atmosphere is created and law & order machinery is made to work.. who would like to present themselves as sitting ducks.. who knows that this is just not another bait… the fear of genocide .. will not be easy to overcome … the first step can be the by cleansing the valley of these separatist elements who fan communal passions and instigate the kids and youth to pickup arms and shun the path of peace and love… Secondly the politico class is perhaps even more responsible by playing in the hands of the separatists and looting public money meant for development and diverting it to their own benifits and also using the state/public money to fund these fringe elements… what an apathy using our money against us.. But surely on an Optimistic note I would like to see the Jannat on Earth to resonate the name in the true spirit.. there should not be the demarcation of kashmiri muslims or kashmiri pandits..we want to see them as KASHMIRIS whose hearts are inscribed with “Atithi Devo Bhava” the all adorable people of the beautiful Indian State, the crown of the country..

  47. Finally its coming the original inhabitants of the valley the Pandits have suffered greatly — houses destroyed, temples taken over– in fear they left with their families –A refugee in their own country !! World over Hindus support the just true cause of Hindu Pandits to rightfully return to their land of ancestors without any fear or prejudice !! Long live Kashmiri Pandits and Bharat Maata Ki Jai and Jai Hind !!

  48. This is to hoodwink Kashmiri Pandits and India !! Trying to create good public relations for the sake of news only–venom lies underneath !!

  49. Thats a good move kadhamo mein kadham milane se hi hum aage badhenge …..

  50. Welcome effort to bring back normalcy. I hope there will be a day when intolerance will vanish and the kasmiri pundits will live happily with their Muslim brothers in their homeland..

  51. How many TV channels have covered this? I haven’t seen any. Our media is highly negative with a few exceptions.
    Excellent move.

  52. The situation changed in Kashmir only after a BJP led coalition came to power. We want to see the change in the whole country. Down with pseudo secularists who only play the vote bank politics.


  54. Very commendable effort by Kashmiri Muslims .If they come to their refugee camps and take them there it will be more effective way of building the confidence in them . Moreover security personnel should also give security to both of them from antisocial elements.
    Good job done please continue.

  55. A very confusing scenario.Kashmiri Pandits should and must return but only after normalcy is restored in totality.For the beginning stone pelting on armed forces should stop,terrorists and anti India elements should be reported.But with the present bunch of politicians both in the valley and in Delhi as well it seems an uphill task.
    Even if the locals want to truly live in harmony these politicians will not let them.
    Caution my dear displaced countrymen,you who very unfortunately have been forced to live a refugees life in your own mother land,caution.
    You shall always be on my prayers.

  56. This is a staged drama to show to outside world that they mean peace but the fact is that whenever there is a slightest move or a whisper about KPS return they fight tooth and nail to oppose it. They feel insecure in the company of much much superior and intellectual community and ever since KPS have been forced out of the valley they have tasted and enjoyed MkP free Kashmir without being threatened and challenged by the competition due to presence of KPS. Moreover they know inside their hearts that the generation has passed that had some attachment for Kashmir. New generation is busy making 2 ends meet at different corners of the world and why do you think they will think of Kashmir. This is all a gimmickry and bullshit. Agreed that some people are decent and genuinely thinking of KPS but once they are in their company, they also settle with the idea of Kashmir without KPS and their voice does not make any impact. Frankly, why should they share the resources, opportunities and pleasure when they are used to have it all themselves
    Stop being emotional and move on with life without thinking of Kashmir or else you will always be used by this carrot of return to Kashmir. Life is too short. One generation is gone and now second is preparing to go so learn to live life without idea of kashmir

  57. Who can possibly trust these goodwill gestures, ALL institutions were silent when the past happened, the Governments, both state and Center remained silent. The Muslim community as a whole were the perpetrators of crime against humanity. Now, all this bullshit won’t satisfy anyone. Have their crimes been forgiven by the State? Any goodwill can flow out only if those criminals are punished for the rapes and murders.

  58. God bless the people who took this laudable step for revival of Kashmiri at in our motherland

  59. God bless all those people who took this laudable step.for revival of Kashmiriyat in our motherland.

  60. hindus are known for tolerence. tolerence is there in the d.n.a of those hindus who had embraced islam. as long as sufism prevails india remains tolerant.

  61. Circulating the myth; celebrating the ruins!!!

    There cannot be a grossly inaccurate story than the one shown by the NDTV about some Kashmiri Muslims “celebrating Shivratri” in Sumbal town of Kashmir.
    Let me clarify the truth since Sumbal is my native place having spent 18 years of my life there and having played in the lush green lawns of the same temple that virtually no longer exists.
    The main Shivling of the temple, which was about 5-6 feet long and about 2 feet in diameter, no longer exists. I learnt during my visit there in June 2015 that it (the main Shivling) had been thrown into the river.
    What’s shown and seen is one of the many small Shivlings that were kept along with the main Shivling there. In fact most of the small Shivlings have also been removed.
    The entry to the temple has been barred. The land has been encroached upon. An Islamic School has been set up on the temple land. One has to enter the temple through the school.
    The locals have already started making a case for converting the temple into a Muslim shrine as they claimed it to be “originally” a Muslim shrine of ‘Khwaja Sayed Sahab’, whose shrine is situated across the river. That’s what they told me when I visited there despite knowing it so well that I was born and brought up there and I know the full history of the temple.
    I don’t want to comment much about the prayers offered by the Muslims there. Less said the better. The motives are obvious. These photo ops need to be viewed in the context of the Hurriyat relaxing its Hartal ‘fatwa’ for Shivratri, so that it is not seen in its real character and true sectarian and radical colours. And NDTV seems to have gladly done the favours to Hurriyat.
    Let me add, Pandit Janki Nath Sumbly, whose family had contributed a lot towards maintaining the temple and had preferred to stay back, was shot dead right outside the same temple in June 1990.
    via Vimal Sumbly

  62. Good job Muslim brother and sister!

  63. People live with harmony only if politicians are kept away

  64. People will live with harmony only if politicians are kept away.

  65. This credit is go’s to whom?

  66. It’s a very Good movement, immaterial of religion we all are Indians and should leave together like brothers and sisters, by helping each other. may God bless all, who took this initiative.

  67. So sweet of the Muslims of the region. Hope it reveals their genuine feeling. Let peace and love prevail.

  68. True story is provided by R.ko on the basis of truth from Vimal Sumbley.This should be promoted for making intensions of Kashmiri Muslims clear.

  69. Conversation with brutality is acceptable norms in Islam hence they are not trustworthy at any cost and don’t cherish with such nonsense move

  70. Amazing things are happening these days,for better of we the people of India!Kashmir is India & India is Kashmir.May Lord Shiva Bless All.Jay Ho!

  71. Good sign of development for all. Great.

  72. This is about opening of a temple in Kashmir by muslims after 27 years.
    Pleasure to note that action has been hailed by the people arcross the country. A commentator from South has also liked the action but was ambigeous about the welfare of Pandits in the valley. It seems that he has fallen prey to anti- muslim propaganda going on in the country for the last some years. Kashmir has been a political problem but the Pandit community has never got harmed on this account.The community has always been used by the outside politicians for their party & personal advantages. Say in 1986, there was some problem but at the hands of politicians. In 1990, the community was orchestrated at the then governor’s level to packup & leave. Then the valley was hot but difficulties were faced by both the communities equally. Forget it by now. Everything is all o k.

  73. This is about opening of a temple in Kashmir by muslims after 27 years.
    Pleasure to note that action has been hailed by the people arcross the country. A commentator from South has also liked the action but was ambigeous about the welfare of Pandits in the valley. It seems that he has fallen prey to anti- muslim propaganda going on in the country for the last some years. Kashmir has been a political problem but the Pandit community has never got harmed on this account.The community has always been used by the outside politicians for their party & personal advantages. Say in 1986, there was some problem but at the hands of politicians. In 1990, the community was orchestrated at the then governor’s level to packup & leave. Then the valley was hot but difficulties were faced by both the communities equally. Forget it by now. Everything is all o k.

  74. Just guess the reason what made them , to do it

    These guys are not as innocent as they r potraying

    why it took them 27 years to realise it

    N wat happened suddenly

  75. Lets hail this goodwill on the part of Kashmiri Muslims.
    As long as the residents ( whichever community they belong to )
    of India consider themselves Indians , there should be no problem
    to live together. Hindus of India will have no problem with the Muslims
    as long as that boundary condition prevails.

  76. Umesh zutshi I miss you…jagmohan arora

  77. i think article has a typo… it says “we used to share walnuts, fried fishes…. ” i think it should be dishes instead of fishes…. please correct if so…

  78. *कश्मीर में मुस्लिम भाइयों ने शिवरात्रि पर गाँव के शिव मंदिर को सजाया। कश्मीर, कश्मीरियत, कश्मीरियों और कश्मीरी पंडितों पर एक नज़्म अर्ज़ है:-*

    *ये कैसी खुश्बुओं की महक आ रही मेरे घर से,*
    *लगता है, फिज़ां में गुलों को बिखेरा है “किसी” ने।*

    *यकीं, हर जुल्म-ओ-सितम पे मरहम करेगा वो,*
    *ये ज़ख्म-ए-दिल भी दिया है मुझे तो “उसी” ने।*

    *काफ़िर न थे हम, गर कभी बने थे वे क़ातिल,*
    *दरम्यां-ओ-फासला किसने खींची “ज़मीं” में।*

    *थे “पाक” के बन्दे, पर “पाक” इरादे न उनके,*
    *तू भी बह चला, दरिया-ए-कौम के मौज़ पे।*

    *तुझसे न शिकवा, क्या करे गिला अपनों से,*
    *हमको बनाया बेगाना तुझसे, बेरहम ही ने।*

    *निभाया था हमने दिल से, अपने कई दस्तूर*
    *हम दोनों को जुदा किया, बदजात “किसी” ने।*

    *”मेरे” अर्थी में तेरे कंधे, “तेरे” जनाज़ों में मैं शामिल*
    *तुझसे बिछड़कर ऐ दोस्त, न कुछ हुआ हासिल*

    *बड़ी शिद्दत से दिल में, वतन लौटने की आरजू,*
    *चल मुद्दत ही सही, की तूने भी है मेरी जुस्तजू।*

    *मिलने न देगी कभी हमें, ज़ालिम है ये दुनियाँ,*
    *आ ख्वाहिश-ए-वस्ल, करें पैदा तो अपने “दिल” में।*

    *तू कर रहा तैयारियाँ, जश्न-ए-इस्तकबाल की “ननादा”*
    *खुदा करे उठे मेरे भी, हौसला-ए-कदम “ख़ुशी” से*

    *………ननादा “कनकपुरिया”*

    फिज़ां –> वातावरण
    गुलों –> फूलों
    सितम –> अत्याचार
    मरहम –> दवा
    दरम्यां-ओ-फासला –> बीच की दूरी
    मौज –> लहर, तरंग
    शिकवा, गिला –> शिकायत
    दस्तूर –> रिवाज, प्रथा
    जनाज़ा –> शवयात्रा
    शिद्दत –> प्रबलता
    आरजू –> चाहत, ईच्छा
    जुस्तजू –> खोज, तलाश
    मुद्दत –> लंबे समय से
    ख्वाहिश-ए-वस्ल –> मिलने की इच्छा
    जश्न-ए-इस्तकबाल –> स्वागत का उत्सव
    हौसला-ए-कदम –> पैरों में जोश

  79. It’s a very special feeling ven v c deze kinda things in India. Feeling proud. IT HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA…

  80. Thanks for sharing….Sharing further !

  81. This is most welcome step by my Muslim brothers , India belongs every religious person who love our country.

  82. Nobody is muslim nobody is hindu. It is our own country & own homeland. We have to be unite & believe in peace. It is external diplomatic forces which are affecting our brotherhood for their own selfishness & fame.
    From A true Indian
    Jai Bharat

  83. Yes , such response from our Muslim brethren shall definitely have an impact on the minds of our Kashmiri Hinudu’s . This is very late but a true step in right direction. No body can be happy after leaving his native place . India , all along have been a composite society- leaving peacefully with different religions and castes …. Together we make it great and in comparable .

  84. This a great job done by Kashmiri Muslims and we are proud to be all Indian and brothers/sisters to join togather to live with love , peace and harmony for the days to come. Thanks everybody…!!!!

  85. This a great job done by Kashmiri Muslims and we are proud to be all Indian and brothers/sisters to join togather to live with love , peace and harmony for the days to come. Thanks everybody…!!!!

  86. Sunil Rampersad

    Thank you, a nation rise by comeing together thanks to you, all the world will become one nation together as one.