Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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Dr Veeri agitated against order of teachers to be put on duty for security of schools

Teacher community has been humiliated, deeply hurt

Jammu, Jan 20 (KNS): In a clubbed question with Qaisar Jamshid regarding school burning incidents in last six months especially in Kashmir zone, government could not provide satisfactory reply to the points raised by NC legislator Dr Bashir Ahmad Veeri which ultimately led to confrontation between government on one side and treasury benches and opposition on other side.
While raising specific supplementary questions that “is it a fact that orders were issued making teachers responsible to look after school buildings round the clock including female teachers?
Government replied that director school education, Kashmir, issued circular instructions in this regard.
Dr Veeri asked, “under what legal framework these orders have been issued?
Government could not provide satisfactory reply which led to confrontation between member and the government. However all the members from opposition joined in support of Dr Veeri who was shouting that this government has reduced teaching community to chowkidars level and disgraced them. They deserve VVIP treatment while this government has humiliated them and hurt their ego and sentiments which will go down in the history with condemnation while walking out of the house. Whole opposition accompanied the member on the issue & walked out.
However the education minister was conspicuously absent during this question debate. (KNS)