Sunday , 22 July 2018
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Now fire erupts in Ajas Forests, endangers wildlife 

Representational Photo

Representational Photo

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Ajas, December 29: After Forest fire in Tragbal area of Bandipora, fire has now erupted in Ajas area of Bandipora endangering a huge population of wildlife.
Eyewitnesses in Ajas said they witnessed fire from past few days and with every passing day the fire is increasing and nobody seems to be concerned about the fire. thery said the area is under wildlife thus endangering their lives.
They say they informed  state wildlife department some days ago but nobody visited the spot till date.

The fire, according to witnesses fire seems to be erupting from Gagarpathri and Langmerg areas. Ajas forest is known for its wildlife habitation and locals said animals are moving downside amid the massive fire.