Tuesday , 19 June 2018
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Before you exam,get examined

Junaid Malik

The state of Jammu and Kashmir is in shambles and tattered state ever since the armed struggle took the reigns of the command wherein generations after generations were lost and annihilated due to trauma and turmoil.Almost three decades have filled the chronicles of history  with blood bath and miseries which are unaccounted and unimaginable beyond the endurable limits.keeping the two parables on the measuring scale death ,destructions and graves are taking the scales to highest levels in comparison to negligible drift for flourish and progress.
The present dispensation which is so based on battle of ideas has only added salt to the injury by way of its tactics of terrorizing and intimidating the people of the state because of its failures which was already a lost political battle.the head of the sate was right in her rhetoric as to why a simple encounter of militant burnt the whole state. but she failed to comprehend that she had already filled the canon with a lethal weapon the day she read out the paragraph of Nagpur in the paradise.they may have been successful in winning the coffin politics but they utterly failed in healing the suppurating wounds.
With  changing rhetoric and wavering minds,the government is contemplating that it would provide a holistic approach to the students to appear in exams but at the same it forgets to comprehend that any policy towards the governed must be based on peaceful,humanitarian and inclusive approach which at this juncture is evading the state.How could a gullible student read the pages when his father is In prison,how could he write a word when his sister is battling for life in a distant corner of the country,how could he memorise when his fellow in class in draped In shroud,how could he concentrate when his play mates are blinded and tortured in the same field where they used to play?.the only thing he would do would be that he would cry in silence,he would sob in slumber,he would cast his eyes on the lonely streets to look for his friends who are already in the graves.He would only remember the scolding of his teacher who is looking on him from the heavens.No,you can’t examine them before you get your self examined.
The state which has already killed hundreds,wounded thousands,blinded millions and dragged the future of the state in to dungeons and dingy dark prisons in now expecting that the same hands would smear the pages of examinations.a traumatised generation which had been caged,gaged and chocked would never be in a position to tread towards the place to write their future.more than three month have elapsed where the whole valley including Pir Panchal and Chenab valley has been turned in to a jail.the students are bereft of newspapers,Internet,schools and the teachers who were the only silver lining in the cloud are killed and tortured in their homes.how could a blind or blind folded student with pellets in his eyes ,bullet in the bosom  and trigger in the head may be expected to have pen In his hand and words in the nerves.when these budding kids and future of the nation are etched and entangled in a garrison,they would learn the art of breaking the chains and fleeing to freedom only;a freedom to breath in free air and bath in sunshine where his sprits would only know the limits of soul imbibing emancipation.
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the first and the for most requisite for a student to crave for a bright and brilliant future is the existence of peaceful atmosphere where he can rationalise the things to be more wise and vibrant lest he would only be an embodiment of reading and writing machine.does the state want cramming parrots to produce herds of irrational and alienated minds who would choose the path of violence to settle every problem in the society.the state may take the credit to conduct the exams and at the same time brag itself to the world the Normalcy notion which is its real and covert purpose,but it will only add another generation of avenge,hatred and anger to an already alienated and directionless society.this is a very alarming omen that the students In their prime and teens are holding the placards of resistance and reversions in place of books and bags which if not understood,could turn the state in to the state less entity.if the days are lost in chasing,running,pelting and defending and the nights are turned to nightmare in arresting,chaining and jailing,the students could not be expected to burn mid night oil before their books to make the state leadership relevant.examination is a practice of judging the hard-work and efforts put in by an individual and it should be visible to the national and state leadership as to04-kashmir-students-indiaink-superjumbo-1 where the efforts have already been provided.
The state should retrospect the conditions which led the things to reach this juncture in which human lives are being lost like the cotton balls in the air with no one to care upon except to prove their relevance.if blind eyes are dragged to see the blurred scenes and pellet pierced  hearts are made to beat for few ink ridden papers,then only some spiritual and divine power could save the doom of this part of the world.if chained hands will write the history of this nation with triggers in the ears,they would smear blood on the pages and would listen only the war cries with themselves and the world.before you exam,get examined your self conscientiously.
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