Thursday , 24 May 2018
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DAK urges doctors to use their own emblem

‘Red Cross isn’t for them’

Srinagar, Oct 14 (KNS): Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) today urged doctors to use their own emblem and stop using Red Cross which is not meant for them.
In a statement issued to KNS, President DAK Dr Nisar ul Hassan said that doctors should use their own emblem and abandon use of Red Cross which does not belong to them.
It is unfortunate that doctors are using Red Cross when they have their own symbol.
This has created confusion among people who see Red Cross representing health care which it does not.
The rod with two wings and entwined with two snakes is the symbol of health and medicine.
This Greek origin emblem has much deeper spiritual meaning and is the perfect reminder of well being.
The rod represents the body, the snake the mind and the wings the soul.
The symbol depicts the dual nature of the work of the physician who deals with the life and death, sickness and health.
Doctors are required to use this emblem.
The emblem is a treasure and we must respect it and value it.
It is the responsibility of medical professionals to popularize it and ensure that they are identified by their own symbol.
Red Cross sign belongs to Red Cross movement.
It is being used all over the place these days in Kashmir.
Not only doctors, but hospitals, ambulances and chemist shops are using red cross despite they have their own logos.
For ambulance there is a rod with one snake against blue background.
For hospital there is ‘H’ in white against blue background and for pharmacy there is the green cross.
Under the provisions of law, unauthorized use of Red Cross is a punishable offence. Besides the vehicles and goods on which the sign has been used are liable to be seized. (KNS)