Saturday , 26 May 2018
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Have great respect for Dar-Ul-Ulooms, Madrassas, did not talk against them: Baig

‘The day I cannot speak for Kashmiris, I will quit politics’

Srinagar, Aug 17 (KNS): Responding to the statement of Maulana Rehmatullah of Dar-Ul-Uloom Raheemya Bandipora Muzafar Beigh today clarified that he had been misquoted about Madrassas.
Talking to KNS over phone from New Delhi he said that as a muslim and as a human being it is impossible for him to oppose these institutions of learning. He claimed to have referred to Madrassas only in the context of the aftermath of American, Russian war in Afganistan.
Saying that it was a war between super powers but muslims of Pakistan and Afghanistan were used had cannon fodder in that war, Beig said ‘hundreds of thousands of people were killed and their children were
brought up in poor and miserable conditions in Madrassas because there
was roman to look after them. They were motivated to fight in the name of Jihaad which was actually a fight between superpowers’.
He claimed that in his view if the Kashmir problem is not resolved the youth of Kashmir may suffer similar fate in future. In response to Moulana’s remarks that he should have talked about the sufferings of Kashmiris from 1947 till now, Beigh said that unfortunately Moulana was not aware of his fifty minute speech in Lok Sabha in which he gave details of the betrayal of Kashmiris right from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Sheikh Mohd Abdullah till the present day mainstream leaders today.
He also narrated the tragedy of 1987 when congress leaders from Delhi and NC leaders from Kashmir rigged the elections against Muslim Mutahida Mahaz. In parliament he narrated the atrocities committed against Yousuf Shah Sahab who now heads Hizbul-Mujahideen in Pakistan and also injustice done to Yasin Malik and his family.
Beig claimed that he has the record of the speech and in case Moulana is interested to hear it he will provide him a copy. Beig told KNS because of his speech in Lok Sabha the leaders of Congress party and NC are upset with him and the great propaganda of this information and falsehood has been initiated against him.
He claimed that even Omar Abdullah was misled by some people as a result of which he abused him (Beig) left and right.
Beig claimed that he did not offer any explanation either to leaders of NC or Congress because they are political opponents. However he thought it his moral duty to explain the situation to Moulana Rehmatullah who is not in politics and unfortunately he too has been misled by the false propaganda.
He said that he is giving this explanation out of respect for Moulana and his institution.
Beig said I have not become a member of parliament to get the salary of fifty thousand rupees a month. I am here to speak truth for Kashmiris and the day I cannot do my duty I will quit politics. It just of my statement in parliament and the all party meet has already been published in news papers. (KNS)