Monday , 25 June 2018
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  “Modernity and white washing of humanity”

Fouzia Snowber khan

Enormous mystery is associated with early man who is labelled as a devotee and genuflection of elementariness ; naturalness , purity , unity , honesty , love hard work and what not!  It won’t be wrong to call him as a “happy camper” of past. His social , cultural and spiritual expressions; his countenance; everything has bought a concord in circumstances; solace in the souls,  happiness in  the habitats and a niche in the neck of the wood.

Endless evidences of his past , seem more suggestive of angel or alien to the mind of Moder Man . He has become “A tale for children” and lived with “proud dignity” .

But today with changed culture , we certainly live in a conflict -used- oriented society ,  we bend on pleasing self , we are accustomed to the level of luxurious way of comfort and of pleasures ,we are all drenched in a mechanical way of life! Electronic doohickey in homes, offices , everywhere ready to dishup us, day in and day out . The list is endless . Modern Man has become a chattel , a vassel and a slave to this contraption . He wants all gratification of life whatever  the cost will be !

               Man has become sitting duck , sucker , and exposed ! He has stepout in faith , ardency , fairness ,and plainess ;And believing in his own blueprint of con artist . He lies, tricks and manipulates all greed of wealth and hunger of power . The things acquired through kosher and certified earnings no longer satisfy him.

He has set a beautiful legacy to ashes for the lust of Materialistic things. And for such things he has to camp to breach of trust , crookedness , fiddling , and jobbery . And least does he care! No doubt the footing is not so poor yet not even good too .

         On contrary Man in past had an ambition to earn enough to provide food, clothing and shelter to family and education for children and even used to donate a small part from his earning in charity . His religious faith and constant meditation added joy and solace to him . In fact he was not materialistic.

      Coming back to Modern Man , he is not God – fearing . New researches on diseases , ailments and deformities have dislodged all his angst from his mind . He has started accepting technologies and western philosophy based on science that everything is based on “cause and effect” and not effected by the “Supreme power” .
I don’t say that Modern Man is not a believer in God . He does believe in the existence of God but is no longer blanched and rattled  of ill consequences of his wicked actions .

          Westernization , technology , and researchers have capered their hunk in moulding moder man’s pneuma . Alas! Alas that He is arrested and  often hung in the race of materialism. Craze for competition has changed his mindset.  He believes in “Winning is everything” and such contigency , forgetting his parents , kiths and kins and neighbours. Ignoring parents and other dealing with spouse, grumbling about their intrusion in his life! teenagers complain about their privacy! Parents don’t receive so much love , care , respect and admiration . Parents falling prey to their negligence . Sad to see , children don’t have time for their parents !

They battle and hassle to educate us and brew us improved human beings but Alas! We are fluent after our own appetite ;doting , fevor and hankering; adopting western swing , as a result we sufferance our parents and oversight and they seem to us a burden now.

     Modern Man wants to reach at the top – notch , in order to accomplish his aspirations he pull other’s legs , flatters , bribes and does morally kinky actions .

      Virtues , like honesty , integrity are rare chattel and infact commodities these days! Modern Man braggart for social glory  , sends his children to foreign schools, universities and buys expensive things out of no need but shows he is superior to others.

        The growth of economic wealth has heightened . The variety of goods and services become large barn door and booming  . Now he can’t do anything without these doohickey.

      He  not only wants a smart phone but  the one with coloured pictures ,sensational mega-piclxel cameras and branded clothes and what not! Nothing seema to suffice the modern man.

   The Modern Man has to seek and follow true philosophy of life -happiness does not lie in possessing more and more .

      This has now emerged as a chink in the armour ,which is sweeping the human being to collect the means that others should make a base to do so.
Modern Man feels more and more choked , jumpy and shaky .and Money is responsible for this feeling.
It is believed that greed has no end . Man in the race of competition has to do something extraordinary every   new day . The desire to  Accumulate more and more goes on increasing , no way he is satisfied .
The Modern Man has to seek and follow true philosophy of life -happiness does not lie in possessing more and more . This unfair happiness is temporary and at the end of day disturbs peace of mind. But the modern man of gaiety barely understands !

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