Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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‘In times of rice shortage, black-marketing at its peak in Aloosa Bandipora’ 

‘CAPD storekeeper flouts norms, sells rice at exorbitant rates’

Srinagar | Mar 25 (PTK): At a time people are facing shortage of rice because of the implementation of NFSA, a storekeeper of CAPD department in Aloosa village of Bandipora has allegedly sold rice at exorbitant rates, besides black-marketing a huge quantity of rice.

According to the locals, the storekeeper, Amir Ahmed, not only indulges in black-marketing of ration being supplied to the ration depot where he is the incharge, but also provides the ration to people at higher rates by throwing norms into dustbin.

According to the norms, the subsidized rice being supplied by the CA&PD costs Rs 50 per 10 Kg to APL categories and at Rs 15 to BPL and AAY categories, but this storekeeper sells the ration at Rs 150 per 10 Kg, and there is no check on his wrongdoings, sources said.

“This storekeeper has made our life into hell. He is harassing us if we complain to higher authority about the issue”, said the locals.

“He is a public servant but he behaves rudely. He lacks manners how to talk with elders and general public. He is also selling rice to private shopkeepers to make his pocket money. I fail to understand why the higher ups are not taking any action against him,” the villagers said.

The storekeeper in question said he does not care do what you want to do and dropped the phone.

DC Bandipora Sajjad Ahmed Ganaie said he has also received complaints against the said employee. “We are investigating into the case and will soon act against this storekeeper,” he said. (PTK)