Tuesday , 19 June 2018
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Book Review: Burns Within

Book: Burns within

Author: B.S. Gautam Anurag

Hardcover:    73 pages

Publisher:     Sanjeev Prakashan

Price:                  Rs 200

Review by:         Mansha Ashraf

The translation of thirty Hindi poetic collection of B.S.Gautam Anurag’s into English by Dr. Abnish Singh Chauhan under the title “Burns Within” deserves praise and requires much work to attain excellence.


The poet expresses his view that we humans have lost our faith. We are getting indulged in acquiring fame, wealth and worldly pleasures through evil deeds. We are trying to destroy nature which is in its pure form in order to satisfy our needs. The poet signifies that man is a restless creature always making efforts to satisfy his never-endingdemands. He always craves to have his own little house, little plot and unresting curiosity. The poet wants to break down this superficial world through his poetry. His desire is to save mankind from the sufferings and toils of life. He wants every individual to do humanity without expecting the return favors. Caring about others at the time of need is the thing that matters and brings joy in their lives. According to him one should seek for inner peace within oneself by listening to his true soul. Anurag’s poetic lines have opened the hearts of many by its powerful and appealing words. He has shown the struggle one goes through all his life to be better than before. He points outthe struggleagainst the vices of this world that do not come by choice but through various situations. He refers to workers who are made to labor all their lives until there is nothing left. He refers to life that man can only imagine but not lived. He reflects in his poetry that only God can save people from doom and destruction and one should come closer to him through prayers. Death is the final destiny of every man but it should not only be the expiry of physical flesh but inner spirit also.


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