Sunday , 22 April 2018
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Tarigami, Hakim asks PDP to defend State Constitution

Srinagar, Jan 1, CNS: Castigating PDP led State Government for not contesting the appeal filed by BJP member against the historical judgment passed by Justice Hasnain Masoodi regarding the two flag order, Legislator and senior leader of Communist Party of India (Marxist) Muhammad Yousuf Tarigami Friday said that the silence of PDP on such important issue amply makes it clear that this party is playing with the wishes and aspirations of people of Kashmir. “It is the duty and obligation of PDP led government to contest the claims made by plaintiff who happens to be the BJP member regarding two flag order. Silence of PDP tantamounts to supporting BJP designs that are hell bent to impose their nationalistic agenda in the state,” Tarigami told CNS adding that the order passed by Justice Hasnain Masoodi is truly valid when we look at it through the prism of apex court of India. 

    Tarigami said that State of Jammu and Kashmir that is led by People’s Democratic Party should support the single bench order and should defend the constitution of India.

    Another legislator and Peoples Democratic Front chairman Hakeem Muhammad Yasin urged upon the PDP leg government to defend the recent judgment passed by Justice Hasnain Masoodi. “Bhartiya Janata Party should peep into the  history then it will come to know Jammu and Kashmir had its own constituent assembly, own Sadr-i-Riyasat, own state flag and own Prime Minister. Even the Supreme Court of India has asserted that Article 370 cannot be abrogated. Approaching court and challenging the sanctity and authenticity of Jammu Kashmir Constitution on daily basis has become a routine for the BJP and this party should understand the more they try to impose their agenda on the people of Kashmir, the more they will alienate people here,” Yasin told CNS adding that it is the prime duty of the ruling party (PDP) to defend the state constitution. (CNS)