Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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Tour operators oppose PPP in Doodhpathri

Srinagar, Dec 18 (KNS): Travel Agents Association of Kashmir (TAAK) rebuked the government’s purported plan to allow PPP in the virgin meadow of Doodpathri.

“The unique selling preposition (USP) of Kashmir is nature and its serene surroundings. If we make our virgin Tourism meadows like Doodpathri as the Concrete jungles, then there will be no difference left between metropolitan cities and these stunning meadows of Kashmir. People visit Kashmir to have a feel of nature which is famous for its pristine beauty; they don’t come here to stay in concrete hotel rooms.”

TAAK President Manzoor Sidiq in a statement to KNS said that any such move will have a serious impact on the livelihood of people of the area. Government should not even think of the PPP move as it is a question of the livelihood of thousands of people the Area. People of the area have extremely high hopes that they will get avenues of employment from the beautiful land of Doodpathri.

Sidiq said that Doodhpathri being not very far from the Srinagar should be promoted as a day destination only.

Doodpathri and other similar meadows of Kashmir should be promoted as nature friendly and eco Tourism destinations only and the concrete constriction should be strictly disallowed. The Government should preserve this natural area to appreciate the cultural and natural history of the environment and not disturb the integrity of the ecosystem, while creating economic opportunities that make conservation and protection of natural resources advantageous to the local people.

“We fail to understand what is the need of giving Doodhpathri in PPP Mode if the Government claims to have funds for the development of tourism industry in Kashmir.”

The present infrastructure at Dodhpathri is sufficient enough to cater to Tourists intending to stay overnight provided the Dokas and Hutments are upgraded on Eco friendly lines.

TAAK will not allow anybody to make a sell-out of tourist destinations of the Valley. (KNS)