Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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International Democratic Party Chief meets Shabir Shah

‘Kashmir a disputed territory, division of state unacceptable’

Srinagar, Dec 18 (KNS): A delegation of International Democratic Party led by its Chief ID Khajuria on Friday called on the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah at DFP head office here.

The delegation, which included intellectuals from Jammu, deliberated on present political situation of the state, the ongoing Indo-Pak dialogue process, the growing communalism of RSS and its communal politics in the J&K.

Taking to IFP delegation, Shabir Ahmad Shah said the Jammu and Kashmir is a dispute territory and its solution lies in the implementation of the UN resolutions or through trilateral talks.

Shah also termed the Indian stand on the issue as “far from reality” saying India is always trying to find a way-out from the core issue and is touching the irrelevant matters. The delegation also called for joint efforts to tackle the growing RSS interference and its threat to the state. Both leaders pledged to counter the RSS’s wicked plans of dividing the state and to fight for the right to self-determination.

The delegation also expressed willingness over the tripartite talks on the Kashmir issue. Shah made it clear that the right-to self determination is the birth right of every citizen of Jammu and Kashmir.

Meanwhile, a DFP spokesperson severely condemned the policy of the Food Security Bill saying the government is pushing people to starvation.”On one hand, they shower bullets in people and on other, make anti-people policies,” the spokesperson said and termed the people’s protest against the Act as “justified”. The spokesperson also expressed sorrow over the government’s anti-Urdu policy saying this all is done at the behest of people sitting on Nagpur.

“Mufti Sayeed, in order to remain in power, bartered our every identity. We will not remain mute spectators over the issue and will fight it tooth and nail,” the spokesperson added.