Monday , 25 June 2018
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Quarter residents at Fire service up in arms

Asks higher ups to redress their grievance

Srinagar, Nov 26 (KNS): Accusing the officials of Fire Service Baba Demb of ill treatment to them, the residents residing in the quarters demanded redressal of their grievances.

A delegation comprising of residents who are residing in government allotted quarters in the service station told KNS that they are facing tough time due to the behavior of officials working in the station.

They said that the officials are closing the main gate after 5:00 pm due to which they don’t even go to Masjids to offer Salaat. “We are being forced to come before 5:00pm as after that the authorities lock the main gate of the station,” said a resident.

Farooq Ahmad Kuchay, a resident told KNS that from last couple of weeks he use to offer Maghrib and Isha salaat at home as the behavior of the officials working in the station force him to offer slat at home.

He said, “We urged several time to the officials to don’t lock the gate before the time but all has fallen into deaf ears as the same continued without any change in it.”

He said that it is not the officials who allotted the quarter to them but the higher officials in the department have provided it to them. “why are they making their survive difficult in this period of time. They should at least wait until all the residents report in the station.”

They later appealed higher officials to look into the matter and redress their genuine grievance at earliest.