Tuesday , 19 June 2018
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Nexus between Telecom Co’s, BRO detrimental for Bandipora roads


One macadamises another digs

Public enraged, Seeks Minsters’ intervention

 M T Rasool/Suhail Rathore

Repaired after decades of wait many vital roads here in Bandipora maintained by Border Roads Organization (BRO) are being openly damaged by few telecom companies allegedly under the patronage of BRO officers.

Bypassing all legal requirements Administration in Bandipora the telecom companies have started earth cutting for laying OFC cable soon after the macdamization of roads. The companies were supposed do it before the macdamization. However they started it after macdamization of roads thus damaging the roads again putting burden on the state exchequer.

An Order in possession of Kashmir Convener issued from 56 Road Construction Coy (GREF) No: 2182 OFC/86/E2 Dated 14 Oct 2015, mention for the digging of the road (1.8 KM) repaired few days ago.

If the condition mention in the order to be believed, both BRO and private companies are violating the rules in open. There is the prohibition of using JCB in digging while the companies are using same under the nose of BRO without facing any action.

Locals termed the unholy nexus of Private Telecom companies and BRO officers detrimental to condition of roads repaired after long wait following protests by locals and  political representatives.

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After a long gap, the Border Roads Origination (BRO) last week started repairing on Srinagar-Bandipora-Gurez Road. Organisation   After facing flak from residents and leaders started the repair work but the digging of newly constructed road by a out-sate communication company   enraged locals who stopped the digging work and alleged BRO officers of patronising the damage of road.

   Locals in Pazalpora, Nadihal and Ajas said that the black toped Gurez-Bandipora-Srinagar road is being dug by labourers giving an ugly look to the newly repaired road. In various localities, the digging of roads to cables by telecom companies is a routine affair now, they said.

“The drain like structure formed due to digging has  made the roads accident prone and threat for the passengers,” they alleged.

It is here pertinent to mention that an out-state communication Company Sterile Technologies Limited is digging out the Bandipora-Gurez road near Pazalpora,Mantrigam with the surprise  an officer from BRO has issued permission order for digging  only a day after  they complete the repair of the road.

Private Communication companies have damaged Bandipora-Srinagar road at many spots including Papchan,Ajas,Saderkoot,Safarpora,nadihal,Pazalpora and Mantrigam.

Locals expressing suspicions over the work of BRO said that it seems BRO has some ulterior motives in constructing and damaging their own roads.

“What is the fun of repairing a road which they are damaging “said Abdul   Majeed while pointing towards the condition of roads.

Questioning the process of BRO, enraged locals in Pazalpora told Kashmir Convener that officers in BRO have issued an order just to mint money. “Why the order was issued after repair of road not earlier?’ Locals questioned.

Many residents said they feel bad when clean roads were dug using a JCB and labourers. They felt helpless to see the destruction and for months they had to cope with the potholes left by the work.

“The basic issue is why such thing is allowed to happen and why agencies like the BRO and Roads and Buildings (R&B) Department remain silent over the whole matter,” said Abdul Majeed, a government employee.


However, both the government agencies, BRO and Private Communication Companies associated with giving approval for digging roads passed the buck to each other.

Meanwhile Locals in the Bandipora have appealed Minster for roads and Buildings Altaf Bukhari to look into the matter.

“We are appealing PWD Minster for the intervention so that the repaired roads may be saved from destruction” They said.

OC Beacon Mr Sachin said he hasn’t got any information regarding the matter as nobody has brought it in to his notice. He assured quick action into the issue.