Sunday , 22 April 2018
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For ministers, it’s already Darbarmove

‘Majority of them have already flown to Jammu, visitors face tough time to visit civil secretariat’

Srinagar, Oct 17 (KNS): For ministers of ruling PDP and BJP, it’s already Darbarmove as most of the ministers have locked their office chambers in the civil secretariat Srinagar and have flown to Jammu, perhaps to be in a relaxed mood ahead of opening of offices in the winter capital.
According to this KNS correspondent who visited the Secretariat on Friday there is hardly any minister who comes to Secretariat for two consecutive days “Civil secretariat is working without ministers. Barring a few ministers, a majority of them prefer to remain out of office,” one of the government official said.
He said that visitors, who are allowed entry into the secretariat after 1 pm, hardly get an opportunity to meet ministers and get redress of their grievances. “It is an unprecedented scenario witnessed this time in the civil secretariat. The chambers of ministers are seen either closed or visitors waiting for hours in vain,”
The visitors alleged that instead of meeting people in the civil secretariat, most of the ministers try to avoid people and stay away from the civil secretariat. “Industries and Commerce Minister, Education Minister and the Revenue Minister haven’t visited the civil secretariat. We have been told by the officials that they are on tours to various parts of the state,” one of the visitor said.
Sources in various departments within the Secretariat said this is perhaps for the first time in years, that ministers continue to stay away from the offices and have hardly attended for a couple of days or at the most three or four days during the last over three weeks.
Several visitors complained that though some ministers stay in their offices till afternoon but when it is time to meet visitors, they either leave the civil secretariat or call a meeting of officers so that they don’t have to face the public and listen to their grievances.
“I had reached Srinagar around 11 am and waited till 1 pm to get an entry into the civil secretariat. An official of the Education Department forwarded my file but once I reached the office of the education Minister, he was not there,” said Imran Ahmad, a resident of Baramullah.
People alleged that BJP ministers are currently away from Srinagar and are not expected to be back now. (KNS)