Tuesday , 19 June 2018
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Facing flak from residents and leaders, BRO begins repair on Bandipora-Srinagar road

M T Rasool
Bandipora.Oct 12: After a long gap, the Border Roads Origination (BRO) finally started repairing on Srinagar-Bandipora-Gurez Road.
Organisation after facing flak from residents and leaders, started repairing road while the locals alleged government of waking up when winter is about to set.
Appreciating the initial efforts of Border Roads Organisation locals here in Bandipora complained that after years of wait organisation is not relaying the road in violation of norms. The repair work of the vital road is not satisfactory, few portion from Dc office to Ajer received preferential treatment while main road from Ajas to Saderkoot has been repaired in unsatisfactory manner, locals said.
59 Kilometre Srinagar-Bandipora Road is main vital link which is considered as one of the busiest roads here. It connects the district with Srinagar and was in dilapidated condition from last eight years tough a minor repair continues on the road.
The road is considered a major link between Srinagar and Bandipora and was in a shambles after repairs stalled in the year 2008.
Traders, civil society members and employees umpteenth times staged protest approached higher ups in government but nothing materialised till now. All the communities of the society has e appreciated the work of BRO and have appealed them to have standard repair of the road so that it can last for long time.
“it is highly appreciable that BRO has started relaying of the busiest road, we were facing enormous hardships been most of the times we changed our routes keeping bad shape of road in view “Said Abdul Majeed Lone an employee.
Thousands of vehicles ply on the road daily. “Driving on the road has become troublesome. However, it is good news that re-laying has been initiated,” said Muhammad Sayed a Journalist and a regular commuter.
The road looks good now and we hope it will last long, if BRO is adding a layer to Saderkoot area it will last for long otherwise the minor repair on that part of the road will be washed away with slight raining” He said.
However many of the commuters complained that repair work on Bandipora side has been delayed.

They said that the work should have at least started last month. Now when November is approaching and the temperature has started dipping.
Meanwhile Officials in BRO said that they had started repairing the road to provide temporary solution to the commuters.
“However, the problems will be fully resolved only after the re-laying is complete,” he said.